Buy American Compliant Airport and Airfield Lighting Products
/ Flight Light Inc.

Buy American / FAA Compliant Airport and Airfield Lighting Products from Flight Light

Buy American Conformance – Airport Improvement Program

Some specific Flight Light products meet the Buy American Preference requirements in Title 49 USC 50101. This means you can use these products in Airport Improvement Program (AIP) and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) projects without additional paperwork or waivers.

What Are the Buy American Requirements?Buy American Act

The Buy American Preferences under 49 U.S.C. § 50101 require that all steel and manufactured goods used in Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funded projects be produced in the United States. In accepting AIP funding, grant recipients must certify that all steel or manufactured products used on any portion of the AIP funded project are produced in the United States and are of 100 percent U.S. materials.

Which Airport Lighting Products are Buy American?

These are the Buy American Products customers can purchase with assurance that they conform and qualify as Buy American.

Airfield Signs

Flight Light’s I-Lux LED Size 4

Airport Beacons

Airport Markers

Approach Path Indicators

Buy American Compliant PAPI | FAA L-880 & L-881



Control Systems

Obstruction Lights

Runway Centerline Lights

ZA181 High Intensity Runway Centerline and Touch Down Zone Inset Lights, FAA Compliant: L-850A & B

Runway Closure Markers

Runway Edge Lights

Runway Guard Lights (RGL)

Buy American Compliant Elevated Lights MIEL, FAA L-861, L-861T, L-861E

Taxiway Edge Lights


Wind Cones