Obstruction Lighting Solutions:
Aircraft Warning Lights & Beacons

Innovative Obstruction Light
Manufacturer and Supplier

Flight Light’s complete line of aircraft warning lights, obstruction lights and beacons help mark tall structures which occupy airspace, as specified by the FAA and ICAO, including: Towers, Antennas, Buildings, Bridges and Cranes.

Flight Light offers a wide range of LED obstruction lights that meet or exceed FAA and ICAO standards. Our energy-efficient LED obstruction lights combine the latest advances in lighting technology to ensure years of reliable, maintenance-free operation in the world’s most demanding regions. Several of our obstruction lights are compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS), making them the first true LED replacements for incandescent obstruction beacons. Flight Light also offers obstruction lighting accessories including flashers, photocells, and relays.

Prior to purchasing aircraft warning lights, please make sure to review the FAA’s obstruction light regulations which provide guidance on the proper selection and placement of obstruction lighting equipment.

FAA Aircraft Warning Light Standards (PDF)