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Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods: checks, all major credit cards, wire transfer, ACH payments and Check-By-Fax-Email.

  • VISA Credit Card
  • MasterCard Credit Card
  • American Express Credit Card
  • Discover Credit Card
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Check-By-Fax-Email Payments:

  • Save 1% on your order
  • For prepaid orders only
  • Most orders ship the same day*
  • Fast and secure
  • Avoid delays caused by lost, delayed or stolen mail

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Check-By-Fax-Email Procedures:

  • Enter the required information on the Check-By-Fax-Email Form
  • Signature required: Please sign and date form
  • Attach a voided check to the form
  • Photocopy the form and fax to 916-394-2809 or email to [email protected]

Check-By-Fax-Email is a fast and secure way to make payments. When you fax or email a check to us as payment, we simply use the information printed on your check to create a “demand draft”. A demand draft is a digital version of your check that is deposited the same way as a regular check. Demand drafts are normally deducted from your account within 24 hours.

By faxing or emailing a copy of your check, you are giving Flight Light Inc. permission to run the check one time. There is no need to mail your original check to us. Keep it as a receipt of payment. After your check is processed successfully, your check information is destroyed.

* Fax or email must be received in our office by 10:00 a.m. (PT). Products must be in stock.