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Low Intensity Type A Obstruction Light, ICAO Annex 14, Volume 1, Sixth Edition, July 2013, ‘Aerodrome Design and Operations’


• Wind Turbine
• Crane
• Buildings
• Towers


• Self-contained solar powered obstruction light with integrated solar/battery system.
• Dual internal high-performance solar modules angled to maximize solar collection.
• Save time, maintenance costs and increase safety by maintaining the light with your phone or tablet from the ground.
• Conveniently check the user-replaceable battery.
• Fast and easy to deploy – no programming.
• Ultra-high intensity LED (no changing lamps ever).
• Smallest and lightest self-contained ICAO compliant LIOL Type A Obstruction Light.
• IP68 waterproof rating.
• Tough UV-stabilized LEXAN® polycarbonate lens and light base.

Ordering Codes

Fixture Options
AV-OL-75 G1: GSM
SW: External ON/OFF switch
CP: External charging port
EX: Excluding battery
SC: External ON/OFF switch & external charge port

The AV-OL-75 is a next generation, low maintenance, self-contained solar LED obstruction light designed to comply with ICAO LIOL Type A requirements. The model is suitable for a variety of applications including telecommunication towers, wind turbines, buildings and other structures up to 45 meters.

Manufactured using the latest in LED technology, the AV-OL-75 is an ultra bright, energy efficient and cost effective self-contained solar obstruction light with Bluetooth® connectivity for convenient servicing via your phone or tablet.

Bluetooth® for Monitoring

Convenient servicing via the new Bluetooth® connected AvlitePro™ mobile application, the AV-OL-75 can be monitored from a distance up to 50 meters. An built-in solar calculator confirms the light’s ability to operate at the set location, ensuring optimal operating performance.

Dual High Performance Solar Modules

The AV-OL-75 boasts dual high performance solar modules which are tilted to obtain maximum sunlight capture, allowing the unit to operate reliably in a range of low sunlight environments. The two built-in, high performance integrated panels charge the battery during daylight hours and the internal photo diode detects ambient light to achieve true self-sufficient dusk-till-dawn operation.

Small Form Factor

The small form factor of the AV-OL-75 makes it the smallest and lightest self-contained ICAO compliant LIOL Type A obstruction light in the market. The new lights are compact, rugged and come fully self-contained. They offer rapid and easy installation due to the fact there is no external cabling or power required.

Optional GSM Monitoring

The AV-OL-75 may also be fitted with GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring enabling users to access real-time diagnostic data. The system can also be configured to send out alarm SMS text messages or email alerts to designated operators should alarm conditions be triggered, such as low voltage or light failure.

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