L-864 Red Medium Intensity LED Aviation Obstruction Lighting System for Wind Turbines | FTS 350i

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• ETL Certified L-864(L): FAA AC 150/5345-43J
• ICAO Annex 14 8th edition, Medium Intensity Type B
• Transport Canada CAR 621 CL-864


The FTS 350i is an economical FAA L-864 / ICAO Type B red LED lighting system specifically designed for wind turbine applications that do not require the advanced features of the FTS 370i.

Small and light, this stand-alone obstruction light does not have a controller taking up scarce space inside the nacelle. The weather-proof, UV-resistant, polycarbonate construction provides a 90% weight reduction over the FTS 370i.

The FTS 350i is compliant to FAA AC 70/7460-1M and 1L requirements for turbines with rotor tip heights less than 699 feet and is certified to AC 150/5345-43J with infrared LEDs.

Standard Features

• Fully integrated system – no external controller
• Easy to carry and install on turbines due to extremely low weight
• Infrared (IR) LEDs for compatibility with NVG and NVIS per FAA AC 150/5345-43J
• Fresnel optics minimize ground scatter, making the light more community friendly
• 10kA surge protection, two times the FAA-specified minimum
• GPS for synchronized flashing
• Field-configurable flash rate of 20 or 30 fpm
• Dry contact alarm for beacon, GPS sync and mode change
• 2-year replacement warranty

Optional Features

• Adaptor plates for existing mounting brackets
• Mounting brackets available for multiple turbine manufacturers
• Overvoltage protection device (OVP)

Obstruction Light Comparison

FTS 350i FTS 370i
Surge Protection 10kA 25kA
Warranty 2-year replacement 5-year parts
Weight 2.9 lb. (1.3 kg) 26.3 lb. (11.9 kg)
Wind Area 26.8 in2 (17,290 mm2) 99 in2 (63,870.8 mm2)
Power Consumption at 30 fpm 9 W 10 W
GPS Sync
Alarm Relay
Infrared LEDs
Radar Interface

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