LED Obstruction Lighting Controller with Transfer Relay & Alarm | FL-81051

Compliance and Applications

• FAA AC 150/5345-43G

Our FL-81051 LED obstruction lighting controllers have been designed to reliably sense the proper operation of the latest low-power LED obstruction lights, with an array of dry alarm contacts to report on all aspects of system health.

Ordering Codes

Model # of L-864 Beacons # of L-810 Light Circuits L-810 Light Style Input Voltage Option
FL-81051 0B: No L-864 Beacons
1B: One L-864 Beacon
2B: Two L-864 Beacons
3B: Three L-864 Beacons
4B: Four L-864 Beacons
0: No Circuits: No L-810 Lights
1: One Circuit: Up to 10 Single or 5 Double L-810 Lights
2: Two Circuits: Up to 20 Single or 10 Double L-810 Lights
3: Three Circuits: Up to 30 Single or 15 Double L-810 Lights
4: Four Circuits: Up to 40 Single or 20 Double L-810 Lights
S: Single
D: Double
AC1: 120VAC
AC2: 240VAC
AC3: 277VAC[1]
F: Flasher
TR: Transfer Relay[2]
[1] Controller will convert 277VAC input to 120VAC output.
[2] For double head obstruction lights only.
[3] Maximum four circuits per controller. L-810 LED lights: Up to 10 single or 5 double lights per circuit. L-864 LED beacons: Only one flashing beacon per circuit.


• AC input – 120V AC, 240V AC, or 277V AC
• DC input – 24V DC only
• Sophisticated current sensing enables reliable monitoring of the latest low-power LED obstruction lights
• Factory configured for: up to 4 circuits of L-810 LED lights (single or double) or L-864 LED beacons
• L-810 LED lights: Up to 10 single or 5 double lights per circuit
• L-864 LED beacons: Only one flashing beacon per circuit
• Transfer Relay mode available – energizes backup lighting in the event of a failure, up to 4 individual transfer relays
• Controller can be configured to operate L-810 sidelights in flashing or steady-burn mode
• Controller powers lights even if the photocell fails
• FAA photocell and bracket included
• User-friendly connectors
• Integrated surge protection
• Resistant to corrosion, shock and vibration
• Operates from -67° F to +131° F (-55° C to +55° C)
• 2 year warranty


• Input Power: 120V AC 50/60Hz, 240V AC 50/60Hz, 277V AC 60Hz, or 24V DC
• Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4x Polycarbonate (15.37″H x 13.28″W x 7.13″D)
• Controllers requiring 3-4 circuits and a flasher will be installed in a larger NEMA 4 Aluminum Enclosure (20″H x 16″W x 7.32″D)
• Surge Protection: MOV
• Alarm Type: Dry Contacts, Form “C”
• Warranty: 2 year limited warranty
• Compatibility: Controller will only work with L-810 LED obstruction lights that do not exceed the power consumption of 7VA per light fixture.

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