Medium Intensity Elevated Lights “MIEL” | FAA L-861, L-861T, L-861E

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FAA AC 150/5345-46D:
ETL Certified L-861, L-861E, L-861T
ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1

Flight Light L-861 elevated lights are used on runways, taxiways and runway thresholds/ends. Each fixture is constructed from a die cast aluminum body, powder coated in aviation yellow. L-861s are available with either quartz halogen lamps (rated for 1,000 hours) or T10 lamps (rated for 2,000 hours) in both 30 and 45 watt power options. A glass Fresnel type lens is secured with a replaceable O-ring and a stainless steel clamp band. The clamp band provides easy access for effortless lamp servicing. A rugged cord is included with rubberized L-823 style connector to connect to the secondary of a 6.6A isolation transformer.

The L-861 includes a 1.5" (standard) or 2.0" frangible coupling to attach the fixture to a L-867 style base plate or mounting stake. Standard mounting heights are 14, 24 and 30 inches. The fixture head is secured to the riser using three bolts to allow for leveling if necessary.

Ordering Code

Fixture TypeFAA NumberGlobe ColorLamp & PowerMounting HeightFixture Options
FL861B: Blue
C: Clear
GR: Green/Red
CY: Clear/Yellow
30: 30W, T10, 6.6A
45: 45W, T10, 6.6A
30Q: 30W, Halogen, 6.6A
45Q: 45W, Halogen, 6.6A
14: 14" (standard)
24: 24" (extended)
30: 30" (extended)
1: 1.5" Frangible Coupling (FL-FC1.5)
2: 2" Frangible Coupling (FL-FC2.0)
Shipping Weight: 3.2 lb./1.5 kilo., volume: 0.5 cu. feet/0.01 cu. meters.
Sample Ordering Code: FL-861-B-45-14


The Flight Light L-861 is certified for use as an L-861, L-861E and L-861T.
L-861: clear or split clear/yellow globe, can be used to mark the runway edge, including non-precision IFR runways. 45Q lamp (#33), 45 lamp (#634).
L-861E: split green/red globe (blanks available), can be used to mark the runway threshold or end, including non-precision IFR runways. 45Q lamp (#33), 45 lamp (#634).
L-861T: blue globe, can be used to mark the taxiway edge. 30Q and 45Q lamps (#33), 45 lamp (#634).
• Others globe colors available for miscellaneous applications.

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