D-Lux LED Taxiway and Runway Signs | FAA L-858

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Compliance and Applications

FAA AC 15/5345-44 (Current Edition)
FAA Engineering Brief No. 67

We are pleased to introduce the first complete line of ETL Certified LED L-858 Runway and Taxiway Guidance signs. All FAA Sizes, FAA Types, and FAA Styles are now available with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lighting.

Our LED L-858 signs consume up to 80% less power than signs using traditional lamps. With crisp, clean LED light and minimal bloom or ground splash, they are visually acquired more quickly and are much easier to read.


• Lowest VA loads: Most efficient ETL Certified LED L-858 signs available.
• Use 80% less power than traditional lamps.
• Long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs virtually eliminate ongoing maintenance.
• Crisp, clean light with minimal bloom or ground splash makes them easier to acquire and read.
• Available in FAA types Y, L, R & B.

Ordering Codes

Model Sign Size Power Style Lamp Type Modules (length in inches) Sign Faces Optional Items
D: DLUX 1: Size 1
2: Size 2
3: Size 3
5: Size 5
2: Style 2 (3 step 4.8A to 6.6A)
3: Style 3 (5 step 2.8A to 6.6A)
5: Style 5 (1 step 5.5A)
H: LED board
         Size 1        Size 2        Size 3        Size 5       
1:   30″   37.5″   41.875″   41.875″  
2:   59″   73.75″   83.75″  
3:   88″   110″   125.625″  
4:   117″   146.375″   167.5″  
SF: Single Face
DF: Double Face
1: On/Off Switch (with cover)
P: View Port
S: LED Lamp Out Indicator
E: External Power Cord (Not ETL Certified)
All signs are Class 2, Mode 2.


Traditional airfield guidance signs contain up to 12 lamps. If each lamp lasts as long as its rated 1,000 hours, a single sign could result in over 50 lamp changes annually! Installations of our LED L-858 virtually eliminate ongoing maintenance. You’ll spend less time driving around the airfield, reducing opportunities for incursions, and gain valuable time for more important airfield maintenance tasks.


Our LED L-858 taxiway guidance signs are manufactured in the USA with the patented D-Lux design, the best modular design in airfield signage. Each module of a D-Lux sign is mounted on an evenly spaced pair of legs. The D-Lux slip flanges hold the legs secure with almost no gap in the assembly. Environmental forces are shared by the legs and cabinet, and not concentrated on the hardware.

On a D-Lux, each rounded face is made from expertly formed acrylic. Size 1 and 2 signs can be fitted with the optional Herculens panel, which is CNC machined from 3/8″ thick acrylic. The Herculens is factory installed on our Size 3 D-Lux, allowing the sign to shed jet blast without the use of bothersome flimsy plastic internal bracing or gimmicky cabinet “upgrades” employed by others.

Connecting the legend panels are translucent panel joints, which are welded together with adhesive and then additionally reinforced with stainless steel hardware.

The LED light engine provides remarkable reliability, eliminating the constant re-lamping required by traditional signs. Access to the D-Lux modules for maintenance or changing legends is simplified with our unique tool-free stainless fastener design.

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