AB Series Rotating Airport Beacon Lights

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We offer a complete line of rotating beacons for airports and heliports of all sizes. With a product visibility range of 30 to 40 miles and a candlepower (CP) range from 190,000 to 400,000, operators are sure to find just the right beacon to meet their needs. All units offer any combination of white (clear), green, red and amber color filters to meet current specifications.

Ordering Codes

Beacon Model Option Voltage Hz
A: Arctic Kit 120: 120v
220: 220v
60: 60Hz
50: 50Hz

AB-500P64 – Range 30 Miles, 190,000 CP, 2 x 500W Lamps

Designed for large airports where operating cost is a factor. Visibility range up to 30 miles using half the power of larger units. Lamps mounted in heavy cast aluminum housings with quick release lens for easy lamp replacement. Lamp housing and rotating mechanism are completely weather resistant. Simple installation. Standard green and white (clear) color filters. 24 flashes per minute with 12 RPM motor.

AB-1000D – Range 40 Miles, 400,000 CP, 2 x 1000W Lamps

Our top-of-the-line in two-headed rotating beacons. Featuring light-weight aluminum enclosure. Heavy-duty gear motor. Completely adjustable angle heads with hinged door for easy lamp replacement. Optional arctic kit available for cold weather environments. Standard green and white (clear) color filters. 24 flashes per minute with 12 RPM motor.

AB-500HP64 – Range 30 Miles, 285,000 CP, 3 x 500W Lamps

Designed for all heliport applications. Featuring three 500 watt lamps with white (clear), green, and amber color filters. 36 flashes per minute with 12 RPM motor. Range up to 30 miles. Light-weight aluminum enclosure. Easy installation. The right choice for any heliport.

AB-1000F – Range 40 Miles, 400,000 CP, 4 x 1000W Lamps

This fail-safe beacon features automatic lamp switching. Should either of the primary lamps burn out, the stand-by pair of lamps will automatically light and cancel the primary set. Standard tell-tale circuit warns operations when stand-by lamps go on. Featuring four 1000 watt lamps with standard green and white (clear) color filters. 24 flashes per minute with 12 RPM motor. All features of other models with aluminum enclosures.

Beacon Options

• Photo Electric Cell: Turns beacon on at sunset, off at sunrise. No wasted electricity for 24 hour operation.**
• 24 Hour Time Clock: Beacon only runs during hours as preset by operator.**
• Receiver/Controller: Controls beacon by radio from aircraft.
• Arctic Kit: An installed option for beacons operating in cold weather environments. Kit automatically keeps motor and beacon housing warm when temperature drops. Requires additional separate 117 volt circuit.

Limited Warranty

Beacons are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year (exclusive of bulbs or lamps).

* All models are available 220/240V AC, 50Hz for export.
** These devices should not be used for loading the beacon. It is recommended that they be used in conjunction with an appropriately sized contactor.

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