Series Isolation Transformers | FAA L-830 / L-831

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Compliance and Applications

FAA L-830, AC 150/5345-47
Series isolation transformers are used to isolate high operating voltages for constant current lamps in series circuits.


• Our transformers are made of flat laminations in an ETI formation for 6.6A and 20A applications.
• Encapsulated in synthetic rubber for durability and dielectric strength. Waterproof assembly suitable for above ground installation or direct burial.
• Two Primary Leads: terminated with molded L-823 Style 2 (male) and Style 9 (female) connectors. Standard length 24", 8/1 cable. Rated to 25A and 5,000V.
• One Secondary Lead: terminated with a molded L-823 Style 8 (female) connector, "ball-type". Optional Style 7 (female) connector, "straight design" for use with signs and extension cords. Standard length 48", 12/2 600V cable. Rated to 20A and 600V.
• Optional ground (earthing) lead (1). 36" long #12 AWG 600V ground lead, terminated in a ring terminal. To order add the letter G to the model number.
• All transformers undergo 100% quality testing before they are shipped: visual inspection, HIPOT after heating and 12 hour soaking (15,000V primary, 5,000V secondary), and ratio testing.

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