Elevated LED Runway Guard Light (RGL) | Certified FAA L-804

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Compliance and Applications

Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-46 (Current Edition) for L-804 applications; EB-67.

Our LED Runway Guard Light (RGL) provides a warning to pilots or drivers of ground vehicles that they are approaching an active runway. The RGL increases hold position visibility, especially during bad weather.


• Uses two 21W LED optical assemblies.
• Average LED life of 50,000 hours.
• Energy efficient LED lighting reduces circuit load.
• Operates on FAA constant current regulators, either 3 or 5 step. 120V and 240V systems also available.
• Adjustable light beam elevation with positive locking in one-degree increments.
• Minimum average intensity exceeds 3000 candelas.
• Alternately flashes 45-50 times per minute.
• Easy to maintain – no special tools required.
• High strength, powder coated frame and aluminum housing with stainless steel hardware.
• Independent black signal head visors provide protection during inclement weather conditions and enhanced contrast during daylight operations.
• 2-inch frangible column and tether with positive lock canting.
• Supplied with tether and anti-rotation locking plate.
• 300 MPH jet blast resistant.
• Base unit supplied with a dry contact output for monitoring.

Ordering Codes

Fixture Power Monitoring Height
75-RGL C: Current (Mode 1 Series Powered)
V: Voltage (Mode 2 Parallel Powered)(120/240V)
U: Unmonitored
M: Monitored
S: 14″ standard height*
T: 26″ height for applications in snow
* Standard height is from the ground up to the bottom of the light emitting surface. Custom heights may be specified.

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