LED Runway Edge Light | FAA L-861, L-861E

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Compliance and Applications

Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-46 (Current Edition)
FAA Engineering Brief No. 67

Our ETL Certified L-861 LED Runway Edge Lights are used to identify the runway edge and threshold/end at general aviation and medium-sized airports. Each L-861 is constructed from a die cast aluminum body, powder coated in aviation yellow. The L-861s feature long-life LEDs that reduce power consumption, increase reliability and reduce operating costs. A rugged cord is included with a rubberized L-823 style connector to connect to the secondary of a 6.6A isolation transformer. Each L-861 includes a 1.5″ (standard) or 2.0″ frangible coupling to attach the fixture to a L-867 style base plate or mounting stake. Standard mounting heights are 14, 24 and 30 inches.

Ordering Codes

Fixture Lens Colors Mounting Height* Fixture Options
75-861L C: Clear
CG: Clear/Green
CR: Clear/Red
CY: Clear/Yellow
G: Green
GR: Green/Red
GX: Green/Blank
GY: Green/Yellow
R: Red
RY: Red/Yellow
Y: Yellow
14: 14″ (standard)
20: 20″ (extended)
24: 24″ (extended)
30: 30″ (extended)
1: 1.5″ Frangible Coupling (FL-FC1.5)
2: 2″ Frangible Coupling (FL-FC2.0)
5: Optional heater
V: 90-260 VAC (not ETL certified)
* Other heights available.


• Applicable for L-861 (L) and L-861E (L) requirements.
• Colored glass lens for easy daytime recognition.
• Double sealing system creates watertight head assembly.
• Rugged solid state components.
• Complies with intensity requirements on 3 or 5 step regulators.
• Durable powder coat finish lasts longer.
• Reduces power consumption.
• Long-life LEDs.
• Cord set sealed to prevent insect entry.
• Threaded 1.5″ frangible coupling or optional 2″ thread matches existing baseplates/stakes.

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