Runway Taxiway Retroreflective Markers FAA L-853

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• ETL Certified L-853: FAA AC 150/5345-39E

L-853 Airport Retroreflective Markers are used to delineate airport taxiways, runway edges, ends and thresholds. Our ETL Certified airport markers consist of a co-extruded polyethylene tube with Type IV retroreflective sheeting and a high strength plastic fastener. The markers can be installed on asphalt, concrete or soil.


• Airport taxiways
• Airport runway edges
• Airport runway ends
• Airport runway thresholds
• Runway arresting systems (EMAS)


• ETL Certified FAA L-853 standard, AC 150/5345-39E
• Round post design provides 360° visibility
• Lightweight, all plastic construction and components – no above ground metal parts
• Install on asphalt, concrete or soil – surface mount or soil anchor versions available
• Corrosion resistant galvanized steel soil anchor with integrated locking tabs for quick, easy marker installation and replacement
• Standard debris inhibiting plastic cap or optional anti-perch bird cap


• Reflective Colors: Blue, Silver, Red, Green, Yellow
• Tube Color: White
• Tube Material: Polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors
• Marker Heights: 14″ (356 mm), 18″ (457 mm), 24″ (610 mm), 30″ (762 mm)
• Reflective Sheeting Heights:
– 12″ (305 mm) on 14″ markers
– 14″ (356 mm) on 18″, 24″, 30″ markers
• Standard SMA Base Diameter: 8″ (203 mm)
• Standard Soil Anchor Length: 18″ (457 mm)
• 96 square inches of ASTM D4956 Type IV flexible diamond grade reflective sheeting

Ordering Codes

Application (Color) Marker Height Standard Soil Anchor Mount (GP3) Standard Surface Mount Pin Lock Base (SMA)
Taxiway Marker (Blue) 14″ SH614GP3–WB-12 SH614SMA–WB-12
18″ SH618GP3–WB-14 SH618SMA–WB-14
24″ SH624GP3–WB-14 SH624SMA–WB-14
30″ SH630GP3–WB-14 SH630SMA–WB-14
Runway Edge Marker (White) 14″ SH614GP3–WS-12 SH614SMA–WS-12
18″ SH618GP3–WS-14 SH618SMA–WS-14
24″ SH624GP3–WS-14 SH624SMA–WS-14
30″ SH630GP3–WS-14 SH630SMA–WS-14
Runway End Marker (Red) 14″ SH614GP3–WR-12 SH614SMA–WR-12
18″ SH618GP3–WR-14 SH618SMA–WR-14
24″ SH624GP3–WR-14 SH624SMA–WR-14
30″ SH630GP3–WR-14 SH630SMA–WR-14
Runway Threshold Marker (Green) 14″ SH614GP3–WG-12 SH614SMA–WG-12
18″ SH618GP3–WG-14 SH618SMA–WG-14
24″ SH624GP3–WG-14 SH624SMA–WG-14
30″ SH630GP3–WG-14 SH630SMA–WG-14
• For the optional anti-perch bird cap, add a “C” to the end of the part number.
• Other soil anchor lengths available to match your particular soil conditions.
• Sub-surface and other mounts available upon request.

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