Runway-Taxiway Retroreflective Markers FAA L-853

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FAA AC: 150/5345-39D
ETL Certified L-853
ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1

Retroreflective airport markers are used to delineate airport taxiways, runway edges, ends and thresholds. Our ETL Certified airport markers consist of a co-extruded polyethylene tube with Type V retroreflective sheeting and a high strength plastic fastener. The markers can be installed in soil, on asphalt or on concrete.

Ordering Codes

TypeMounting Base*Tube HeightTube ColorReflective Color
76-853SMA: Surface Mount Assembly, Twist Lock
GP3: Soil Mount, Closed End Anchor, 18"
14: 14"
18: 18"**
24: 24"**
30: 30"**
DG: Dark grey
LG: Light grey
W: White
B: Blue
G: Green
R: Red
S: Silver
* Sub-surface and other mounts available upon request.
** FAA approval limited to blue or silver reflective color.


• ETL Certified FAA L-853 standard, AC 150/5345-39D.
• 360° visibility with abrasive resistant ASTM Type V wraparound reflective sheeting.
• Corrosion resistant, no above ground metal parts.
• Lightweight, all plastic construction and components.
• Constructed of UV resistant durable linear low density, co-extruded polyethylene which makes the post resistant to extended sun exposure.
• Integrated locking tabs allow for quick post installation and replacement.
• Surface mount or soil anchor versions available.
• Debris inhibiting plastic cap.


• Reflective Colors: Blue, Silver, Red, Green.
• Tube Colors: White, Light Gray, Dark Gray.
• 14" (36 cm) high tube.
• 12" (30.5 cm) high reflective sheeting.
• 8" (20 cm) base diameter.
• 18" (46 cm) standard soil anchor length.
• 96 sq. inches of ASTM D4956 Type V high-intensity reflective sheeting.

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