FAA Approved LED Obstruction Lights Now Available in Flight Light’s Online Store

Jul 17, 2020 Flight Light Inc.
FAA Approved LED Obstruction Lights Now Available in Flight Light’s Online Store

If you need to find an obstruction light in a hurry, you can now find L-810 NVG-Friendly aircraft warning lights in Flight Light’s always expanding airfield lighting online store.

Obstruction Lights Added to Online Store

Flight Light Inc. is offering an expanded line of obstruction lights after acquiring Farlight, LLC earlier last year.

That means Farlight LED L-810 obstruction lights are now available in the Flight Light online store, making it easier than ever to order aircraft warning lights anytime, day or night.


ETL ICAO FAA Approved Obstruction Lights

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Solar, LED, NVG-Friendly L-810s by Flight Light Inc.

NVG Friendly Solar/LED Obstruction Lights from Flight LIghtFarlight’s complete line of aircraft warning lights are now exclusively manufactured, distributed, and offered online through Flight Light Inc. – the leading US-based manufacturer and distributor of airfield lighting products.

“These fixtures are available 24/7 in our online store,” said President Isabel Martin, commenting on the recent news. “Now, it’s easier than ever for our customer to get the best products, best service, lowest prices and fastest shipping in the industry.”

Obstruction Lights Designed for Reliability

These obstruction lighting systems have been designed with the end-user in mind – offering easy installation, straightforward maintenance, and include a 5 year warranty.

All models incorporate the latest high-brightness LEDs, power supplies, microcontrollers, and lightning protection. Combining advanced technology with the cost-saving benefits of LEDs ensures reliable operation in all environments.

NVG-friendly Night Vision Series (NV Series) obstruction lights and beacons from Farlight/Flight Light are the first direct replacement for incandescent obstruction lightingLED obstruction lights that ensure visibility to pilots using night vision goggles.


Expanded Obstruction Lighting Store

From replacement parts to spares, airfield lamps to frangible couplings, from L-861 replacement glass and clamp bands, to complete heliport or helipad lighting projects, the always expanding Flight Light online store has airports, heliports, and general aviation airfields covered.

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