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WCH Series Wind Cone AC and Solar Powered L-806 (Frangible)

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L-806 & L-806(L) Wind Cone


FAA: L-806 AC 150/5345-27 (Current Edition)
FAA Engineering Brief 67
ETL Certified


Provides visual indication of wind direction and velocity at a location on an airfield. L-806 wind cones are used on smaller airfields, heliports and as supplemental wind indicators near runway touchdown areas on large airfields.

Key Specifications

• Available externally lighted, internally lighted, or unlighted.
• LED or halogen lamps.
• The LED models feature:
– 50,000 to 100,000 hour lamp life, virtually maintenance free. 4 year warranty on lamps.
– Multiple lamp circuits, for improved reliability.
– 80-90% less power consumption than halogen lamps.
– A long-life LED obstruction light.
– Integral power adapter on series-circuit models.
• Incandescent L-810 obstruction light included on halogen-lighted models.
• Size 1 (18″ diameter x 8′ long) wind sock.
• 1.9 inch diameter steel pole, with frangible coupling at base.
• One piece welded aluminum basket with pre-installed bearings.
• Raincaps protect the bearings from weather.
• May be mounted directly to an L-867 light base, 2 inch NPT baseplate (sold separately).
• The nylon sock is treated for rot, mildew, and water repellency.
• Powder coat painted international orange.
• Marine Treated Option available for increased useful life in corrosive environments.

Wind Cone Marine Treated Option

Marine Treated Option

Recommended for high salt and other corrosive environments. Includes: marine treated powder coat, stainless steel hardware throughout.

Ordering Code

Catalog Number See Notes FAA Size FAA Style Power Lamp Type Total VA Total Watts Weight (lb.) Lamp
WCH-806-1-0-0-N 1 II Unlighted None None 0 0 45 None
WCH-806-1-EX-120-5 1 I-A External 108-132 VAC LED 15 14 58 9200-0032
WCH-806-1-EX-230-5 2 1 I-A External 207-253 VAC LED 15 14 58 9200-0044
WCH-806-1-EX-66-5 3 1 I-A External 2.8-6.6 AMP LED 58 52 57 9200-0034
WCH-806-1-EX-12-5 1 I-A External 11.5-13 VDC LED 6 6 57 9200-0033
WCH-806-1-IN-120-5 1 I-B Internal 108-132 VAC LED 32 19 59 9200-0038
WCH-806-1-IN-230-5 2 1 I-B Internal 198-265 VAC LED 40 21 59 9200-0045
WCH-806-1-IN-66-5 3 1 I-B Internal 2.8-6.6 AMP LED 72 65 57 9200-0039
WCH-806-1-IN-12-5 1 I-B Internal 11.5-13 VDC LED 6 6 57 9200-0041
WCH-806-1-IN-120-N 2 1 I-B Internal 108-132 VAC Halogen 316 316 57 3400-0100
1. Power consumption specifications include the L-810 obstruction light.
2. This FAA Style is not ETL certified.
3. Requires 100 watt L-830 transformer, sold separately.
4. Standard sock color is Orange. Add “-RW” for Red/White sock.
5. Floor flange not included (WCH-1067-0002).
6. Ships approximately 3 weeks after receipt of order.

Options & Spare Components

Part Number Description
L806 Marine Treated “Marine Treated” (recommended for corrosive environments, typically within 100 miles of saltwater). Includes: marine treated powder coat, stainless steel hardware throughout.
WCH-1067-0002 Floor Flange
WCH-1049-0014 Hinge Plate
WCH-1800-0025 Frangible Coupling
LA-22483-2 Lamp, 120V Incandescent Obstruction Light
WS-AS1896 Spare Wind Sock (18″ dia. x 8 ft)

WCH Series Wind Cone Solar Power Supply

Solar Power Supply Option


The Solar Power Supply (SPS) is a self-contained photovoltaic power source for the WCH Series L-806 and L-807 wind cones.


• Provides power to ETL-certified wind cones with L-810 obstruction lights (12 VDC LED models).
• Custom designed for the installation site, using 30-year worst case insolation and temperature extremes.
• Operates the wind cone lamp dusk-dawn, controlled by an ETL-certified photocell, to FAA illumination requirements.
• Full wind cone lamp intensity at all times when operating.
• 50 or 135 watt solar panel, with 12-year/90% and 25-year/80% power warranty.
• MPPT charge controller, with custom-programmed temperature compensation.
• On-board indicators for battery, charging and system status.
• 100 to 300 A-H AGM battery, designed for 4000 charge/discharge cycles.
• 10 day nominal battery autonomy.
• Dual-post mount, with frangible couplings, designed to withstand ASCE Exposure C wind loads.
• Temperature range: -45 to +55°C (-49 to +131°F).
• Includes pre-assembled anchor for easy mounting.
• Weather and corrosion resistant construction of powder coated steel and aluminum.
• Solar panel tilts 25-65 degrees in 10 degree steps, factory preset for the installation location.
• Manufactured in the USA.

Solar Power Supply Option diagrams

Ordering Information

The SPS is designed for operation only with WCH Series wind cones. Each SPS is custom configured for the proper solar panel, battery, temperature compensation and height for the installation location. Please contact Flight Light to configure the correct model for your location.

Installation Information

Full solar exposure is critical to the proper operation of the SPS. The solar panel must face due south (in the Northern Hemisphere). Any shading of the solar panel will significantly reduce the energy production. The bottom edge of the solar panel must not be obstructed by snow or vegetation. To prevent shading from the wind sock, the SPS must be installed at least 8 feet from an L-806 wind cone, and at least 12 feet from an L-807 Size 2 wind cone. The SPS is attached to a 4-bolt anchor assembly (included), mounted in a concrete slab. Power is supplied to the wind cone by a cable in liquid-tight conduit through one of the SPS mounting legs.

Replacement Parts

Part Number Description
7800-0004 Solar Panel, 50 watt
7800-0005 Solar Panel, 135 watt
1300-0081 Battery, PVX-840T
4500-0020 Charge Controller
7800-0006 Photocell
1800-0036 Frangible Coupling
2300-0024 Fuse, 10A 32V

Shipping Information

Unpackaged Weight: 186-268 lb.
Shipping Weight: 266-388 lb.
Shipping Volume: 72″L x 48″W x 44″H

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