Bi-Pin Lamps

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Bi-Pin Lamp LA-12V-20W

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)Case
LA-12V/20W1.5″ (T2.5)2012V Quartz Lamp Assembly (for LOVA signs)2000N/A

Bi-Pin Lamp LA-6123

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)Case
LA-61231.85″ (T4)456.6A, G6.35, Qtz, T4, 1.85″, 2-Pin. Application: ZA202. Brand: Narva (Philips).1500100

Bi-Pin Lamp LA-6343

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)Case
LA-63431.85″ (T4)1006.6A, G6.35, Qtz, 1.85″. Application: L850 – ZA140 series. Substitution: Osram: 64346.1200100

Bi-Pin Lamp LA-6373

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)Case
LA-63731.85″ (T4)2006.6A, G6.35, Qtz, 1.85″. Application: FLI PAPI. Substitution: Osram: 64386.1200100

Bi-Pin Lamp J1_57

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)Case
LA-J1/571.85″ (T4)456.6A, G6.35, Qtz, T4, 1.85″. Application: ZA202, L852 – ZA230. Substitution: Osram: 64321, Philips*: 6123.1200100

Bi-Pin Lamp J1_75

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)Case
LA-J1/751.85″ (T4)366.6A, G6.35, Qtz1200100

Bi-Pin Lamp LA-XTL

Part NumberMOLWattDescriptionLamp Life (hrs)Case
LA-XTL2010V Quartz Lamp Assembly (for LOVA signs)1500

T=Tube. Multiply T# by 1/8″ to get diameter.
* Philips (DBA Narva)

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Flight Light stocks lamps for all airport lighting applications: runway, taxiway, approach, helipad, obstruction. We sell only first quality name-brand lamps, including GE, Osram/Sylvania, Philips (DBA Narva) and Amglo.

Lamp Life

Lamp life rating is the point in time when 50% of the tested samples have burned out and 50% still shine.

Lumens, Candlepower, Footcandles

In lighting, the basic unit for the amount of light produced by a light source is called a lumen. As with any unit of measure, the lumen must be related to some physical standard. A candle of specific composition and size serves this purpose and is said to emit one candlepower. If this candle were placed at the center of a sphere having a radius of one foot, one lumen, by definition, would fall on each square foot of the sphere’s surface. Since, from geometry, the total surface area of a one-foot radius sphere is 12.57 square feet, there are 12.57 lumens given off by the standard candle. One lumen falling on 1 square foot of a surface produces illumination of one footcandle.

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