ZA489 Series High Intensity Inset Lights For Stop Bar and Guard Light Applications | FAA Compliant: L852S and L852G

Compliance and Applications

FAA Compliant: L-852S and L-852G (AC 150/ 5345-46B, AC 150/5340-28, AC 120-57A)

Stop bar lights and guard lights provide traffic control on taxiways intersecting an active runway and are required for all SMGCS operations under low visibility conditions.

System Features with SmartSwitch and Transformer Switch Units

All of the power connectors on the TSU and SmartSwitch are L-823 plugs and sockets. The control cables are supplied either with bare ends, allowing crimped connections and heat shrink to be used, or with L-823 connectors, allowing extension cables to be used. This is specified at the time of ordering.

Why Our ZA489-8 is Better

• The L-852S stop bar light is traffic signal red, and the L-852G guard light is traffic signal yellow, in accordance with ITE Standard for Vehicle Traffic Control Signal Heads.
• 8″ sealed optical cartridge fits 12″ adapter ring and is held with two stainless steel bolts for ease of maintenance.
• Lightweight and robust aluminum alloy construction.
• Prisms require no sealant.
• Pre-focused optics simplify maintenance.
• Pressure test plug ensures moisture-proof light cavity.
• Low profile: 0.47″ (12mm) above grade.
• Long life halogen lamps: 3500 hours in normal use.
• L-852S and L-852G use interchangeable parts.

Specifications (ZA489-8)

• 6.6A from 100W, or 200W isolating transformer. Uses 1@105W lamp.
• Powder coat finish in golden yellow or NATO green. Stainless steel fasteners.
• Fixture net weight 31 lb. (14kg). Gross weight 33 lb. (15kg). Carton size 12.7 in. x 12.7 in. x 5 in. (323mm x 323mm x 127mm).

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