Honeywell Lamp Assemblies for Airfield Applications

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Part #DescriptionWattAmpMOLBulbBulbLamp Life
40F00030M/F leads, Insulating Sleeve306.61-7/8″LA-23522MR16 EZA1000
40F00045M/F leads, Insulating Sleeve456.61-7/8″LA-23071MR16 EZC1000
40F00048M/F leads, Insulating Sleeve486.61-7/8″LA-000011MR161000
40F00105M/F leads, Insulating Sleeve1056.61-7/8″LA-000004MR161000
40F01030With Cutout and Insulating Sleeve306.61-7/8″LA-23522MR16 EZA1000
40F01045With Cutout and Insulating Sleeve456.61-7/8″LA-23071MR16 EZC1000
40F01048With Cutout and Insulating Sleeve486.61-7/8″LA-000011MR161000

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Flight Light stocks lamps for all airport lighting applications. Our fixtures use standard, off-the-shelf lamps, and we promote this as an industry standard. We sell only first quality name-brand lamps, including GE, Sylvania-Osram, Philips, Genesis and Amglo. Call us with lamp life questions. Lamp life rating is the point in time when 50% of the tested samples have burned out and 50% still shine.

Lumens, Candlepower, Footcandles

In lighting, the basic unit for the amount of light produced by a light source is called a lumen. As with any unit of measure, the lumen must be related to some physical standard. A candle of specific composition and size serves this purpose and is said to emit one candlepower. If this candle were placed at the center of a sphere having a radius of one foot, one lumen, by definition, would fall on each square foot of the sphere’s surface. Since, from geometry, the total surface area of a one-foot radius sphere is 12.57 square feet, there are 12.57 lumens given off by the standard candle. One lumen falling on 1 square foot of a surface produces illumination of one footcandle.

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