ZA292 | L-852E, L-852F, L-852T Taxiway Omni-Directional Inset Light

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• FAA Certified: L-852T (AC 150/5345-46D)
• FAA Compliant: L-852E, L-852F (AC 150/5345-46D)
• ICAO Annex 14 circular guidance 5.3.6,,
• BS3224 Part 5, inset fittings
• IEC 61827
• STANAG 3316 Annex C fig 3, taxiway edge, 18.8 apron lights 5, 3, 27


The ZA292 is an omni-directional inset fixture for taxiway and apron edge applications. Suitable for use in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits normally supplied from 1 x 45W, 65W or 100W isolating transformer.

Ordering Codes

Fixture Color Lamp Wattage*
80-ZA292A G: Green
Y: Yellow
R: Red
B: Blue
W: White
48: 48W, 6.6A (L852T, E)
105: 105W, 6.6A (L852F)
* Also available in voltage powered, please contact us.
Anodized finish fixtures (7.25″ B.C.): Order with 30-AA122820 adapter ring if mounting on L868B base, sold separately. Golden yellow finish fixtures (7″ B.C.): Order with 80-009090 adapter ring if mounting on L868B base, sold separately (golden yellow fixtures restricted to existing customers and replacements).


• Body casting manufactured from aluminum alloy for lightness, strength and durability.
• Long life lamps (objective life of 1,500 hours at full brilliancy).
• Prism removal and replacement achieved without the need for adhesive or sealants.
• Color beam variations achieved by dichroic coated or colored glass.
• Lamp by-pass options available if required.
• Pre-focused optics to simplify maintenance procedures.
• Low profile .39″ (10mm).
• Commonality of parts with the ZA181 and ZA280 inset fixtures.
• Light channel within .2″ (5mm) of grade.
• Natural anodized finish (as standard), powder coated NATO green or golden yellow (special order).

Electrical supply

Suitable for use in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits normally supplied from 1 x 45W, 65W or 100W isolating transformer. 120V and 240V mains supply versions also available. Power consumption is either 30W, 36W, 40W, 49W or 105W depending upon type of lamp fitted.


• Net weight: 6.6 lb. (3Kg)
• Gross weight: 7.7 lb. (3.5Kg)
• Box: 10″ (254mm) (w) x 10″ (254mm) (d) x 10″ (254mm) (h)


TYPE: Blue omni-directional, taxiway, or low intensity taxiway edge and circular guidance.

The taxiway light shall comply with ICAO Annex 14 for use in category I, II and III all weather operations, CAP168, BS3224 Part 5, FAA and STANAG 3316. Fixtures shall be modular in design with the main casting manufactured in aluminum alloy, suitably protected against corrosion and finished in natural anodized or golden yellow or NATO green.

The optical system shall comprise of a 48 MRCS reflector lamp. One glass prism refractor shall be accurately located in the main casting, without the need for additional adhesives or sealants, to direct the light beams such that no re-focusing is required on installation, maintenance or in service.

Lamp replacement shall be easily effected from the bottom of the fixture.

The light fixture shall have an upper surface forming a smooth sloping face projecting not more than .39″ (10mm) above the pavement surface. The fixture shall resist all stresses imposed by impact, rollover and static loads of present day aircraft without damage to the fixture or to aircraft and vehicle tires.

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