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A practical, compact and low-maintenance solution for marking barricades, fencing, construction areas, ground obstacles and other hazards. Ideal for remote or hard-to-access locations.

Ordering Codes

Model Output Mount
OL2A R: Red
G: Green
W: White
Y: Yellow
B: Blue
IR: Infrared
FM: Flange Mount
FMS: Flange Mount with Switch
PM: Pole Mount

• More than three times the range of the original OL2.
• Custom optics, high-efficiency solar panels and premium materials.
• Excellent value and extremely reliable operation (5+ years).

Advanced Optics

• Up to 29 cd intensity.
• Up to 40 user-adjustable flash patterns with ability to direct enter intensity.
• Available in red, white, green, yellow and blue.

Easy Installation

• Installs in minutes; “out-of-box” operation.
• Flange-mount and pole-mount options.
• Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation or optional on/off switch.
• Optional mini IR remote accessory.

Low Maintenance

• Replaceable batteries: AA NiMH, high-temperature-rated.
• Next generation, energy-saving Automatic Light Control; five-day data trending regulates intensities for longer battery life and optimal performance 12-months a year.


• Premium grade, UV resistant polycarbonate body and lens material.
• Waterproof; IP 68 immersion.
• Ventilated battery compartment.
• Life expectancy over 15 years; 3 year warranty.

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