LED Precision Approach Path Indicator | AV-PAPI Series 3 (Voltage Powered Systems) | FAA L-880 & L-881

Made in USA Buy American Act


• Certified to FAA L880/881 AC 150/5345-28H Style A Class I, Style B Class I (includes Heated Lens and Tilt Switch options)
• Photometrically compliant to ICAO, DGAC and UFC standards
• Buy American List compliant


• Airfield lighting


• Cost Effective
– Low power consumption
– Low maintenance
• High Performance
– Fully integratable into an Avlite runway system
– Remote control options
• Reliable
– No bulbs blown – ever
– Latest LED technology
– No moving parts
• Optional Add-Ons
– Solar power supplies
– Mounting solutions
– Marine grade stainless steel
– External baffles (blanking devices)

Ordering Codes

Product No. Standard/Size Mounting Input Voltage Options* Color
AV-PAPI A: ICAO Abbreviated-PAPI 2-LHA
2: FAA 2-LHA
P0: Permanent
P1: Portable
UM: 100-240VAC (FAA Style A)
24: 24VDC
66: 6.6 AMP
0: None
1: Radiofrequency Control
2: Infrared Only
3: Infrared and Radiofrequency Control
4: Heated Lens
5: Radiofrequency Control and Heated Lens
6: Infrared and Heated Lens
7: Infrared, Radiofrequency Control, and Heated Lens
8: Tilt Switch
9: Radiofrequency Control and Tilt Switch
10: Infrared and Tilt Switch
11: Infrared, Radiofrequency Control, and Tilt Switch
12: Heated Lens and Tilt Switch (Standard FAA Version)
13: Radiofrequency Control, Heated Lens, and Tilt Switch
14: Infrared, Heated Lens, and Tilt Switch
15: Infrared, Radiofrequency Control, Heated Lens, and Tilt Switch
0: FAA Orange
1: ICAO Yellow
2: Marine Grade Orange
3: Marine Grade Yellow
4: Desert Sand
5: NATO Green
6: Marine Grade Desert Sand
7: Marine Grade NATO Green
* Note: Multiple/all options are available together.

The Avlite LED Series 3 PAPI is a highly efficient Precision Approach Path Indicator. It uses LEDs as a light source to reduce maintenance, lower power consumption, and increase reliability, safety and visibility. The light head unit is designed for energy efficiency, and can be supplied with AC or DC voltage input, or optional solar power supplies. The Series 3 is also available with optional marine-grade finishes to withstand prolonged exposure in environments with high humidity and salinity.

Patented LED Optics

Innovative optics achieve the industry’s lowest power consumption, uniform intensity, and sharpest red/white transition for critically accurate approach slope information to the pilot.

Field Proven Design

The Avlite LED PAPI was developed by Laser Guidance Inc, a United States designer and manufacturer of high precision aviation lighting products. Now in its 3rd generation, over 100 systems have been deployed globally on all seven continents.

Permanent or Portable Operations

Available with permanent frangible or temporary mounting legs, the PAPI is designed to support various usage conditions.

Designed for Commercial or Military Applications

The Avlite LED PAPI is one of the only PAPIs on the market capable of supporting visual and infrared operational states within the same optic. Switchable by ground operators, the visual PAPI allows pilots to identify approach slope information using traditional means of WHITE/RED light or flashing infrared combinations.

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