IR852O | L-852O(L) IRIS LED 8″ Taxiway Centerline High Intensity Lighting Solutions, Straight Sections (Offset)

Compliance and Applications

• ICAO Annex 14. Vol 1
• FAA AC 150/5345-46
• FAA Engineering Brief No. 67
• IEC 61827
• Stannag 3316 (NATO)

IRIS LED high intensity, inset bi-directional/uni-directional taxiway centerline (straight sections) (offset) runway guard light fixture suitable for CAT III all weather operation airfield ground lighting (agl) systems. The goal of the IRIS range is to enhance the efficiency of an airfield by optimizing power consumption, increasing reliability and reducing costs to the airport.

Ordering Codes

Application Beam Type: A Side Beam Type: B Side Color: A Side Color: B Side Specification Connections Open Circuit (Fail Open) Feature
IR852O(L): L-852O(L) Taxiway Centerline Straight (Offset) 6: Straight (Offset)
0: Blank
6: Straight (Offset)
0: Blank
G: Green
Y: Yellow
C: Cyan/Green
N: Not Applicable
G: Green
Y: Yellow
C: Cyan/Green
N: Not Applicable
1: ICAO 1: 1 Bi Pin Plug
2: 2 Bi Pin Plug
0: No Open Circuit
1: Open Circuit


• Net weight: 6.88 lb. (3.12Kg)
• Gross weight: 7.76 lb. (3.52Kg) (boxed)
• Box: 10.2″ (260mm) (L) x 10.2″ (260mm) (W) x 6.9″ (175mm) (H)

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