AGM Solar LED Taxiway and Runway Signs | FAA L-858 Types Y, L, R & B

Solar LED Taxiway and Runway Signs

AGM was the first to produce an ultra low power consumption, FAA certified L-858 LED internally lighted airfield sign. Now AGM has introduced the first FAA certified LED airfield sign designed to be powered by solar.

Increased Safety

These patented signs use long-lasting energy-efficient LED technology to provide exceptionally bright, clean light and outstanding visibility under all conditions.

Zero Maintenance

Traditional airfield guidance signs contain up to 12 lamps each, which can result in over 50 lamp changes annually for a single sign. With the AGM solar powered airfield sign, not only are there zero power costs, the installation is extremely easy and there are no bulbs to change. All this translates to top performance with virtually zero maintenance costs for the full life cycle of the sign.

Zero Running Costs

There are no extensive ground works required, no trenches and no requirements for any grid electrical power source.

Quick and Easy Installation

Powered by solar, installing the AGM airfield sign is as simple as mounting the sign and custom SPU (solar power unit). The solar panels have custom one-piece mounts making them among the easiest panels to install. This allows the installation of guidance signs anywhere they are required on the airfield regardless of the location of electrical service.


• Meets all FAA and UFC performance requirements.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Eliminates infrastructure requirements.
• No energy costs.
• No maintenance.
• NVG compatible.
• Dusk till dawn operations with optional switch.

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