ZA484 Runway Centerline & TDZ High Intensity Bi/Unidirectional Inset Fixture

Compliance and Applications

• ICAO Annex 14
• FAA Compliant: L-850A, B, C, D, E; Class I & IIB (AC 150/5345-46D)
• CAA CAP168
• Transport Canada
• MOS139
• EASA NPA2010-20 (BIII) U11

Uni or bi-directional inset fixture suitable for use in category I, II and III all weather operation as:
• Runway centerline
• TDZ fixture


• Lightweight and robust due to its aluminum alloy construction
• Components that are common with ZA181 and ZA280 series
• Long life halogen lamps with a typical life of 1,500 hours at full intensity or over 3,500 hours in normal usage
• Bi-directional Runway Centerline utilizes 2 x 48W lamps
• Standard adaptor rings to suit 15″, 15.5″ bases
• Prism removal and replacement achieved without the need for adhesive or sealants
• Color beam variations achieved by dichroic coating
• Lamp bypass options available when required
• Pre-focused optics to simplify maintenance procedures
• Light channel within .2″ (5mm) of grade
• Plug for pressure testing
• Low temperature – temperature at center of top cover remains below 160°C ICAO and FAA limit
• All fasteners are stainless steel
• IMM available on request

Ordering Codes

Inset FAA Runway Centerline Fixture

Fixture Code Prism Color Left Prism Color Right No. of Leads Con. Block
ZA 484 W: White
R: Red
N: Blank
W: White
R: Red
N: Blank
1: 1 Lead
2: 2 Leads
BP: Bypass

Inset FAA Runway TDZ Fixture and Medium Intensity Approach Fixture

Fixture Code Prism Color Left Prism Color Right Toe In Con. Block
ZA 484 W: White
N: Blank
W: White
N: Blank
LHT: Left Hand Toe
RHT: Right Hand Toe
BP: Bypass


• ZM480 base (wet)
• ZM480 base (dry)
• PSA & FAA adaptors
• ZS023 sighting device
• ZM500/4 lifting handle
• ZM480 installation jig

Electrical Supply

Suitable for use in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits normally supplied from 45W, 65, 100W, 200W or 300W isolating transformers.

Packaging Data

• Net weight 20.5 lb. (9.3kg)
• Gross weight 22 lb. (10kg)
• Carton size 2″ (50mm)(w) x 13″ (330mm)(d) x 13″ (330mm)(h)


ZA484 – runway centerline and TDZ inset high intensity light shall comply with ICAO Annex 14 figs 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 and FAA L-850A and B for use in category I,II and III all weather operations.

Fixture shall be of modular design with the main casting manufactured in aluminum alloy, suitably protected against corrosion and finished in golden yellow or anodized aluminum.

The optical system shall comprise of maximum 3 lamps (2 lamps for threshold, 1 lamp for runway end) rated at 105W 6.6A max. Glass prisms shall be accurately located in the main casting, without the need for additional adhesives or sealants, to direct the light beams such that no re-focusing is required on installation, maintenance or in service. Dichroic coatings shall provide green or red light.

Lamp replacement shall be easily effected from the bottom of the fixture. The objective lamp life at maximum intensity shall not be less than 1,500 hours on a constant current series circuit at full intensity. The light fixture shall have an upper surface forming a smooth sloped face projecting not more than .5″ (12.7mm) above the pavement surface. The fixture shall resist all stresses imposed by impact, rollover and static loads of present day aircraft without damage to the fixture or to aircraft and vehicle tires.

It shall be fitted with a pressure relief plug to allow pressure testing.

The fixture shall be suitable for installation in the pavement surface in a 12″ cast aluminum shallow (150mm max) base, type ZM480 or in 12″ FAA L868 deep canisters.

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