ZA280D | L-852D 8″ Taxiway Centerline, Curved Sections (Wide), High Intensity Lighting Solutions

Compliance and Applications

• FAA Certified: L-852D (AC 150/5345-46)
• IEC 61827
• Stanag 3316 (NATO)

The ZA280D is a high intensity, inset taxiway centerline (wide curved sections) fixture with a wide beam, suitable for CAT III all weather operation airfield ground lighting (agl) systems.

The fixture may be used in 6.6A airfield lighting circuits normally supplied from 1 x 45W, 1 x 65W or 100W isolating transformer. Power consumption is normally 48W or 105W dependant on application.

Ordering Codes

Application Color: A Side Color: B Side Specification Connections
80-ZA280D: L-852D Taxiway Centerline Curved (Wide) G: Green
Y: Yellow
X: Blank
G: Green
Y: Yellow
X: Blank
1: FAA 1: 1 Bi Pin Plug
2: 2 Bi Pin Plug
Additional optional features are available upon request.


• Net weight: 6.6 lb. (3Kg)
• Gross weight: 7.7 lb. (3.5Kg)
• Box: 9.1″ (230mm) (w) x 9.1″ (230mm) (d) x 5.7″ (146mm) (h)

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