Solar Series Portable LED Wind Cone

Portable LED Wind Cone

The Solar Series Portable LED Wind Cone provides the durability, rugged construction and tactical capability demanded by the industry’s toughest clients. Manufactured by P. Wedge Windsocks, a company with over 50 years experience in the design, manufacture and delivery of internally lighted aluminum wind cones, the Solar Series Portable LED Wind Cone provides flexibility, ease-of-use and reliability for both civil and defense operations. Operating in the most challenging environments, the Solar Series Wind Cones are the most installed and most depended upon solution for both visible and infrared (optional) operations. The tactical unit can be set up and taken down within minutes, packed into transport containers and requires minimal scheduled maintenance. Backed by the industry’s best warranty, the Solar Series Portable LED Wind Cone is the industry’s best choice for a reliable and portable solution.

Increase Safety & Visibility

Internally lighted, high brightness visible or optional infrared LEDs with intensity control, solar LED obstruction light, durable colorfast fabric and 5 days operating autonomy.

Portable and Tactical with Manual Switch

Rapid setup and easy takedown with 3 way manual selector switch, removable solar energy control system (ECS) and dusk till dawn or RF controlled solar LED obstruction lighting.

No Scheduled Maintenance

The unit is completely self-contained and requires no conduit, concrete or scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years with industry’s best warranty.

Low Operating Cost

Small footprint, no cabling, zero energy costs, easy storage and immediate operation.


• All aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware.
• Patented high quality swivel.
• Maintenance free bearings.


Obstruction Light Dusk to dawn or radio control
Light Source Visible standard; optional infrared LED (NVG compatible)
Output 580 lumens at source; optional NVG mode 850 nanometers
Operating Profile Dusk to dawn
LED Life Expectancy Up to 60,000 hours
Configuration Aluminum pole with portable tripod mount
Overall Height 8′ (10′ including obstruction light)
Swivel Patented maintenance free sealed aluminum swivel
Mounting Guy wires with stake system
Sock Dimensions
(opening diameter x length)
18″ x 6′ or custom
Fabric Polyethylene coated 4.5oz nylon: orange/white or orange
Configuration Integrated DC solar charging system
Solar Module 80 watt monocrystaline panel
Battery 100 Ahr AGM sealed battery approved for air transport
Charge Controller Sealed precision microcontroller
Autonomy 5 days or greater, depending on location
Certifications ICAO annex 14 – compliant

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