Solar Series Permanent LED Wind Cone

Permanent LED Wind Cone

With over 50 years experience in the design, manufacture and delivery of P. Wedge internally lighted wind cones, the Solar Series Permanent LED Wind Cone is the most proven and most installed off-grid solution on the market. Operating on all continents in the most demanding environments, the industry’s toughest clients rely on the Solar Series LED Wind Cones for civil and defense operations. Backed by the best warranty in the industry, our wind cones provide both standard and custom designed solar LED wind cone solutions for airports, runways, and helipads. The Solar Series LED Wind Cone is available in various sizes, all of which include an intelligently engineered aluminum tilt-pole with a patented aluminum swivel system that is designed to facilitate easy installation and servicing by a single person with no electrical infrastructure requirements.

Increase safety

Internally lighted windsocks are more visible for pilots than externally lighted. The Solar Series windsock is made with a durable but lightweight colorfast fabric.

Reduce costs

Being 100% solar powered and self-contained, installation is dramatically less expensive compared to detached solar systems or conventional systems, thereby eliminating the need for trenching, cabling or electrical services. No power requirements means no reliance on grid or generator power.

Reduce maintenance

Solar powered means no external power and zero energy costs. Internal LED lighting is up to 10 times more energy efficient than external incandescent windsock lighting.


• All aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware.
• Patented swivel complete with high quality bearings.
• Vivid internally lit fixture providing precisely directed illumination.
• Tilt mechanism for easy installation with one or two people.


Obstruction Light Solar: dusk till dawn or radio control
Light Source 12W cool white LED floodlight
Output 580 lumens at source
Configuration Internally lit, adjustable LED intensity
Operating Profile Dusk to dawn
LED Life Expectancy Up to 60,000 hours
Configuration Aluminum tilt pole
Overall Height 18’9″ or custom size in 1′ increments from 8′
Tilt Mechanism Counterbalanced tilt at 4’6″
Swivel Patented maintenance free sealed aluminum swivel
Mounting Aluminum base plate with 4-bolt pattern for concrete mount – 3/4″ hot dipped galvanized anchor bolts
Frangibility Optional fused bolt mounting system
Obstruction Lighting Optional mounting plate for AV70 Series solar LED obstruction light
Sock Dimensions
(opening diameter x length)
36″ x 12′ | 24″ x 8′ | 18″ x 8′ | custom
Fabric Polyethylene coated 4.5oz nylon: orange/white, orange or custom
Configuration Integrated DC solar charging system
Solar Module 80 watt monocrystaline panel
Battery 100 Ahr AGM sealed battery approved for air transport
Charge Controller Sealed precision microcontroller with push-to-test button
Autonomy 5 days or greater, depending on location
RF Controller Optional 2.4 Ghz controller for on/off control

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