Solar LED Runway Guard Light (RGL)

Solar LED Runway Guard Light (RGL)

The Solar Series Runway Guard Light (RGL) increases safety at airfield intersections by providing a 24/7 LED warning system for aircraft and vehicle operations. Our solar RGL is designed for permanent, temporary or portable airfield applications. The maintenance-free, self-contained solar engine comes with frangible mounting accessories and is available with an optional radio frequency controller, providing command and control features from the tower.


• Reliable, low-cost, solar LED warning system for use at airfield intersections.
• Designed for continuous 24-hour operation in permanent, temporary or portable airfield applications.
• Rugged, self-contained solar engine requires little to no maintenance with replaceable 5-7 year batteries.
• Configurable solar engine allows for self-contained or detached installation (up to 10 feet from light housing).
• Solar engine swivels for optimal solar charging position.
• 120-day autonomy without solar recharge.
• Available in Standard Model or Northern Model for higher latitudes or demanding solar conditions.
• Available with optional Radio Frequency Controller which enables wireless control from the tower.

solar LED RGL boeing
One of six portable Solar LED Runway Guard Lights (RGLs) sold to Boeing. The self-contained RGLs will provide a 24/7 warning to pilots or drivers of ground vehicles.


Light Characteristics
Peak luminous intensity:12" Amber Lens: 678 candela
8" Amber Lens: 267 candela
Light output/distribution:Meets Institute of Transportation Engineers 2005 specifications.
Multiple flash patterns available.
High brightness LEDs.

Power Characteristics
Battery:Standard Model 50 Ah
Northern Model 100Ah
Sealed lead acid Mil-Spec batteries made by Hawker.
Solar Panel:Standard Model 18W (At 4V) (panel size 21" x 13")
Northern Model 27W (At 4V) (panel size 32" x 13")
Solar cells mounted on fiber substrate to eliminate expansion effects of high temperature environment.
Sealed in waterproof epoxy.
Autonomy:Tested to 120 days autonomy.

Physical Characteristics
Weight:78 lb.
Dimensions:35" x 27" x 14"

Remote operation capabilities using spread spectrum radio signal with range of 1/2 mile, or with cell phone connection.

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