Smart Power Constant Current Regulator | FAA L-828 & L-829

Made in the USA flag


Certified FAA L-828 & L-829
AC 150/5345-10H


Our microprocessor controlled, ferromagnetic reactor type, air-cooled regulators provide precision control of runway lighting series circuits in medium and high intensity applications.


• Microprocessor control for reliable current regulation.
• Proven technology for airfield lighting.
• Reliable for long life with low life cycle cost.
• Exceeds FAA performance requirements.
• Durable for various electrical vault environments.
• Versatile for medium and/or high intensity lighting.
• Self-protected from overloads and shorts of loads.
• Noise emission free.
• Air cooled - no hazardous cooling materials.
• No harmful harmonics.
• No SCRs in series power circuits.
• Predictable - no complex electronics.
• Easily maintained.
• Control circuit for remote operation of #19 AWG 10,000 ft. round-trip.
• Control circuits protected by circuit breakers, no spare fuses needed.
• Warranty for 2 years from date of shipment or 1 year from date of installation (first occurring).

Standard Equipment

• User connections readily accessible.
• Floor mounted stand alone enclosure for ease of parts replacement.
• Stackable kits optional.
• Primary surge arresters.
• Primary switch for regulator control.
• Control switch for "Remote" (tower) control and "Local" (direct) control.
• Internally provided 120 VAC control and equipped for external supply connection.
• Control circuit protection by circuit breaker with visual indicator.
• Reliable custom transformer design with microprocessor control for output current.
• Efficiency and power factor exceed FAA requirements.
• Performance comparable to Ferroresonant Type.
• Tapped Output for 50% and 75% load (Standard) for improved efficiency and power factor.
• Other output taps available upon request.
• Precisely controls output current for loads of short circuit to full load and for varying input voltages for -5% to +10% of nominal input with 30% lamps outage.
• Regulator shuts down system for open circuit or overcurrent in the load.
• Output distribution type lightning arresters.
• Output electrically isolated from primary.
• Microcontroller board interchangeable for different KW sizes and different output currents and steps. Easy change 3 step or 5 step.
• Long life LED indicators for:
1. Input Power ON
2. Regulator ON
3. Fault for Open Circuit or Overcurrent
4. Diagnostic LEDs on the Control Board

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