Secondary Connector Kits | FAA L-823

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Secondary Connector Kit Compliance and Applications

FAA L-823, AC 150/5345-26

Secondary connector kits are used to make field splices on wire or two-conductor cable in secondary lighting circuits. They can be used to assemble a secondary extension, terminate a fixture lead, or connect to a transformer secondary lead.

Ordering Codes

FAADesignation/Application*Conductor SizePart Number
L823Style 4 male (field replacement for Style 1)10-12 AWGTRC-90P-A6
L823Style 4 male (field replacement for Style 1)14-16 AWGTRC-90P-A8
L823Style 11 female (field replacement for Style 7)10-12 AWGTRC-90R-A6
L823Style 11 female (field replacement for Style 7)14-16 AWGTRC-90R-A8
* Call for connector styles not listed.


• Molded in synthetic rubber for watertight connections. Bodies are made to accommodate two single wires or two-conductor cable.
• Connector kit includes: male (Style 4 or 5) or female (Style 11 or 12) molded contact assembly, connector housings, instruction sheet, grease packet for installation.
• Rated to 20A, 600V.

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