Q-Aircraft Warning Light Controller


Our custom made aircraft warning light controller can come in many different variants.

Technical Specifications

• Product Code: Q87WM0x
• Classification: Safe Area
• IP-Index: IP66
• Enclosure: Steel with powdercoat.
• Mounting: Wall mount
• Input Voltage: 100-240 Vac
• Cable: H07RN-F 3x1
• Output Voltage: As per type of light

Enclosure Specifications

According to the installation environment, control board electrical circuits are enclosed in specific housing box:
• Usage: indoor or outdoor
• Material: grp, painted steel, stainless steel
• Protection: from IP55 to IP66
• Flash: Synced via GPS in light or via controller

Control Board Functions

• Photoelectric Switch: As per option
• Fault Management: Automatic by switchover
• Alarm Management: Remote transmission of alarms, generation of visual alarms

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