PowerFlare Helicopter Landing Zone & Traffic Control Beacons

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Compliance and Applications

U.S. DOT (FMCSA) 49 CFR §§ 392.25 & 393.95(g)
MUTCD Type A (flashing) and Type C (solid on)
MIL-SPEC/MIL-STD 810 for shock, vibration, and water-resistance

Military, law enforcement, and emergency medical service (MedEvac) operations often require temporary or portable helicopter landing zones (LZs). The PowerFlare can be rapidly deployed to provide perimeter lighting to mark the LZ. The compact (4″) beacons emit 360° of ultra-bright LED light, visible up to 10 miles away. Since the light output is angled and diffused, the pilot’s night vision is less likely to be impaired when the aircraft makes its approach or hovers above the LZ. To further improve LZ safety, vehicles, personnel, and gurneys can also be marked with PowerFlare beacons.

The PowerFlare comes in two models: rechargeable and non-rechargeable. The rechargeable beacons are designed for daily use, while the non-rechargeable model has a user-replaceable lithium battery that has a 10 year storage life and won’t leak in harsh temperatures. This allows for safe, long-term storage in a car trunk or first aid kit.

Our PowerFlare 6-Pack Rechargeable System comes with 6 of the beacons in a rugged recharging case. The smart recharger (no “memory effect”) is plugged into a vehicle hot point (12-30VDC) or, for charging in the office or home, can be plugged into a 120VAC receptacle with optional adapter.

The PowerFlare is waterproof and so tough, it can withstand being run over by trucks at highway speeds. Unlike flashlights with alkaline batteries or light sticks, PowerFlare beacons can handle extreme temperatures and many HAZMAT situations (intrinsically safe). The LED bulbs are unbreakable and can operate thousands of hours. PowerFlare beacons have been proven with some of the most demanding users in the world: military, special forces, SWAT teams (tactical infrared available), rescue units, law enforcement and first responders.

PowerFlare Applications

• Helicopter Landing Zones (LZs): perimeter lighting.
• Airport safety: temporary runway/taxiway marking.
• Tactical operations (military): infrared (IR) model available.
• Search and rescue (SAR) operations: emergency response teams (ERT, CERT).
• Traffic control, work zone safety: beacons can be placed on ground or “wedged” inside of standard traffic cones.
• Use as lantern in case of power failure, earthquake, hurricane or other disaster.
• 360° safety light for cars, motorcycles and bicycles (optional mounting magnets available).
• SCUBA diving/boating: waterproof to 80′.
• Personnel safety: can be clipped on belts, backpacks.

PowerFlare Features

• LED colors: red, amber, blue, green, white, or infrared (IR).
• Flash up to 100 hours (rechargeable), 150 hours (non-rechargeable).
• 10 flash patterns, including ‘S-O-S’ (Morse) and solid-on (lantern).
• Waterproof, rugged, high grade military polymer shell.

PowerFlare Advantages

• Superior visibility: over 10 miles from the air.
• Rugged: waterproof, can withstand extreme impact.
• Rapid deployment: rechargeable beacons automatically activate when removed from the charger.
• Deployable in harsh environments: can handle extreme temperatures and many HAZMAT situations.
• Compact: about the size of a hockey puck, reducing vulnerability to rotor wash and wind.
• Versatile: can be used for traffic control, as a warning light, as a rescue beacon.
• Tactical: can be deployed for clandestine LZs, drop zones.
• Environmentally friendly: no pollution or fire danger.
• Made in the USA: Don’t waste your money or sacrifice your safety with cheap imitations, buy quality American-made beacons.

PowerFlare Package Options

powerflare PF210 R Y
Single PowerFlare Light:
With red or amber LEDs in yellow shell with standard retail packaging.

powerflare SP2 R Y
2-Pack with Custom Carry Bag:
2 PowerFlare lights with red or amber LEDs in a yellow shell, 2 spare batteries.

powerflare SP3 R Y
3-Pack with Custom Carry Bag:
3 PowerFlare lights with red or amber LEDs in a yellow shell, 3 spare batteries.

powerflare SP4 R Y
4-Pack with Custom Carry Bag:
4 PowerFlare lights with red or amber LEDs in a yellow shell, 4 spare batteries.

powerflare SP6 R Y
6-Pack with Custom Carry Bag:
6 PowerFlare lights with red or amber LEDs in a yellow shell, 6 spare batteries.

powerflare SP8 R Y
8-Pack with Custom Carry Bag:
8 PowerFlare lights with red or amber LEDs in a yellow shell, 8 spare batteries.

powerflare PF6P 210R R Y
6-Pack Rechargeable System:
6 rechargeable PowerFlare lights with red or amber LEDs in a yellow shell, rugged recharging case.

powerflare PFPACK24 R Y
24-Pack with Custom Carry Case:
24 PowerFlare lights with red or amber LEDs in a yellow shell, Pelican case, 24 spare batteries.

powerflare PFPACK60 R Y
60-Pack with Roller Carry Case:
60 PowerFlare lights with red or amber LEDs in a yellow shell, Pelican case, 60 spare batteries in separate carry bag.

powerflare BUCKET36 R Y
Bucket of Beacons:
Comes in two sizes with white easy-twist on/off reseal lids. Buckets can be ordered with or without a bag of spare batteries.

Large Bucket (5-gallon size): holds up to 36 PowerFlare lights.
Small Bucket (3.5-gallon size): holds up to 24 PowerFlare lights.

Additional package options are available. Please call for details.

PowerFlare Flash Patterns

PowerFlare pattern 1 PowerFlare pattern 2 PowerFlare pattern 3
PowerFlare pattern 4 PowerFlare pattern 5 PowerFlare pattern 6
PowerFlare pattern 7 PowerFlare pattern 8 PowerFlare pattern 9

PowerFlare LED Color Options

Additional special order LED colors are available. Please call for details.

PowerFlare Shell Color Options

Additional special order outer shell colors are available. Please call for details.

PowerFlare Specifications

Size: 4.25″ (10.8cm) diameter x 1.25″ (3.2cm) tall
Weight: Less than 7 oz. (200g) with battery
Battery: Rechargeable: 1 replaceable RCR-123 3.6V rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Non-Rechargeable: 1 replaceable CR-123 Lithium battery
Shelf-life: Rechargeable: Holds useful charge for ~60 days out of charger (leave in charger when not in use)
Non-Rechargeable: 10 years
Buoyancy: Positive (floats); can attach weight
External Power (rechargeable): Charger: 12-30VDC, 1A (max.); 0.7A trickle (A/C adapter avail.) @12VDC nominal
Op. & Storage Temps: -40/-40° to 212/248° F
-40/-40° to 100/120° C
Emission Source: 360° LED array: solid-state; no filament
LED Light Colors (per unit): Red, Amber, Red/Amber Combination, Blue, Green, Red/Blue Combination, White, or Infrared (IR). Custom colors available.
Light Output Wavelength (nm)
Color & Power (PEP):
Red: 630 @ 128,000 mcd
Amber: 595 @ 80,000 mcd
Blue: 464 @ 38,400 mcd
Green: 525 @ 80,000 mcd
White: white spectrum @ 96,000 mcd
Infrared (IR): 890 @ 236 mW
Daylight & Night
Visibility Ranges:
Night: visible 3,000 ft (914 m) on road or water, >10 miles (16 km) from air
Day: visible 1,000 ft (305 m)
Housing Color & Material: Yellow, Orange, Olive Drab Green, Blue, Black, or Tan polymer
Water Depth Rating: 80′ submersion
HAZMAT: Hermetically sealed; intrinsically safe
Chemical: Contains no hazardous chemicals. Withstands exposure to petroleum-based fuels.
Avoid acetones and benzopyrenes.
Switch Type: Push button
Flash Patterns (user-selectable)
Max. Run Times, Continuous:*
Flash Pattern: Rechargeable: Non-rechargeable:
Solid-On High: 2 hours 8 hours
Rotate: 3 hours 16 hours
Alternate: 2 hours 10 hours
Quad-Blink: 10 hours 50 hours
Double-Blink: 7 hours 35 hours
Fast-Blink: 8 hours 20 hours
Slow-Blink: 100 hours 150 hours
Solid-On Low: 36 hours 100 hours
“S-O-S”: 4 hours 24 hours
Flashlight: 3 hours 25 hours
* Note: Times listed are for red, amber, and IR LEDs. Blue, green and white color LED versions will run from 50-80% of listed times depending on pattern used.

PowerFlare Cone Top Adapter on conePowerFlare Cone Top Adapter

PowerFlare® Cone-Top Adapter

When traffic control, construction, or accident scenes need elevated lighting for better visibility, PowerFlare lights can be mounted on top of any standard traffic cone using our patent-pending Cone-Top Adapter (CTA-001).

The Cone-Top Adapter can be used with magnetic PowerFlare lights, which attach to an internal piece of metal, allowing for quick and easy installation and removal. For non-magnetic PowerFlare lights, included elastic cords makes securing the light a snap!

• Elevates PowerFlares for better visibility at greater distances
• Quick and easy installation and removal
• Compatible with all PowerFlares – magnetic and non-magnetic

Magnetic PowerFlares
Magnetic PowerFlare lights attach to an internal piece of metal in the Cone-Top Adapter.

Non magnetic PowerFlares
Non-magnetic PowerFlares attach to the Cone-Top Adapter with included elastic cords.

powerflare CKT SP24 R Y
Available kits include one Cone-Top Adapter per PowerFlare, and are available in packages of 2, 4, 8, 12, and 24. Standard kits come with Red, Amber, or Red/Blue LEDs in yellow shells.

powerflare CTA 36PACK
Cone-Top Adapters are also available in packs of 6, 12, 24, and 36 in custom carry bags. Each Cone-Top Adapter is supplied with two elastic cords. Custom quantities available.

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