L-828/L-829 Hevi-Duty Replacement Constant Current Regulators


• Certified L-828/L-829: FAA AC 150/5345-10H
• Monitoring according to FAA AC 150/5345-10H


Our state-of-the-art constant current regulators (CCRs) are a drop-in replacement for aged out Hevi-Duty CCRs. Our cabinets are built for an exact replacement of existing Hevi-Duty CCRs. No modifications are needed; just pull out the old CCR, install the new one, and power up the airfield lighting. The conduit entrance of the new CCR matches the old CCR, so existing cables are easily connected.

Our CCRs are designed and manufactured in accordance with FAA AC 150/5345-10H. The CCRs are built and evaluated by a company with over 60 years of manufacturing experience in the airport and heliport lighting field.


• Microprocessor control for reliable current regulation
• Proven technology for airfield lighting
• Reliable for long life with low life cycle cost
• Exceeds FAA performance requirements
• Durable for various electrical vault environments
• Versatile for medium and/or high intensity lighting
• Self-protected from overloads and shorts of loads
• Noise emission free
• Air cooled (dry type) – no hazardous oil cooling materials
• No harmful harmonics
• No SCRs in series power circuits
• Option rich for remote control, megger meter, etc.
• Easily maintained – only one control board
• Control circuit for remote operation of #19 AWG 10,000 ft. round-trip
• Control circuits protected by circuit breakers; no spare fuses needed
• Compatible with existing and new control systems
• Warranty for 2 years from date of shipment or 1 year from date of installation (first occurring)

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