Heat Shrink Kits “HSK”

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Application and Description

The Heat Shrink Kit is a heat-shrinkable tubing for insulating and sealing L-823 type plug and receptacle electrical connectors. The medium wall tubing is designed for a variety of low voltage cable applications where lighter weight and greater flexibility are important. The tubing is made from a thermally stabilized, modified polyolefin.


• Mechanical protection: high impact and abrasion resistance of tubing provides excellent mechanical protection. It also provides additional strain relief.
• Environmental seal: sealant provides excellent waterproofing and environmental protection in submersible and buried applications.
• Superior adhesion: thermoplastic adhesive will adhere to all standard plastic, elastomeric insulating material, lead, steel, aluminum and copper.
• Easy to install: when heated above +248°F (+120°C), the tubing shrinks rapidly to seal and encapsulate electrical connections. This provides a fast, simple and clean insulation system. The tubing will not split or rupture during normal installation, even when overheated.

General Specifications

• Model Number: TRH-HSK-1.5
• Color: Black
• Material: Polyolefin
• Shrink Ratio: 3:1
• Lining: Adhesive-lined
• Adhesive Material: Hot melt adhesive

Dimension Specifications

• Overall Sleeve Length: 16″ (40.6 cm)
• Inner Diameter Before Shrink: 1.5″ (38.1 mm)
• Inner Diameter After Shrink: 0.375″ (9.53 mm)
• Wall Thickness After Shrink: 0.08″ (2 mm)

Temperature Specifications

• Shrink Temperature: +248°F (+120°C)
• Maximum Operating Temperature: +230°F (+110°C)
• Operating Temperature Range: -67°F to +230°F (-55°C to +110°C)

Material Specifications

• Tensile Strength: 2,100 psi (14.5 MPa)
• Elongation: 550%
• Elongation after Heat Aging (168 hr. at +150°C): 500%
• Heat Shock (4 hr. at +225°C): No cracking or flowing
• Longitudinal Change: +1%, -10%
• Low Temperature Flexibility (4 hr. at -55°C): No cracking
• Specific Gravity: 1.1
• Hardness (Shore D): 50D

Electrical Specifications

• Dielectric Strength: 500 V/mil (20 kV/mm)
• Dielectric Voltage Withstand (2500 V, 60 Hz, 1 min): No breakdown
• Volume Resistivity: 1016 ohm-cm

Chemical Specifications

• Fluid Resistance: Good to excellent
• Fungus Resistance: No growth
• Copper Corrosion: No corrosion
• Water Absorption: 0.1%

Adhesive Specifications

• Adhesive Lap Shear (1 in/min at +23°C): 125 psi (0.875 MPa)
• Adhesive Softening Point: +92°C ±5°C
• Adhesive Peel Strength (300 mm/min at +23°C) to steel, aluminum, PE: 35 pli
• Adhesive Peel Strength (300 mm/min at +23°C) to PVC: 20 pli
• Adhesive Blocking (+30°C): No blocking
• Water Penetration: No penetration after 286 hr. of continuous immersion

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