Ferroresonant Constant Current Regulator | FAA L-828 & L-829

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Compliance and Applications

Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-10 (Current Edition)
Our L-828 / L-829 Constant Current Regulator is used to provide power to airfield lighting systems. It offers a selectable AC constant current to change the airfield lighting intensity as needed based on weather conditions.


• Ferroresonant design allows for high-efficiency, high-power factor sinusoidal constant current output
• Efficiency over 90%, power factor .99
• Stable output current is not affected by flashing loads from strobes or runway guard lights
• Intuitive, fully digital interface included on all models
• Powerful software allows CCR to be recalibrated in field, recall previous settings and calibration, change brightness steps, track warnings and faults, and more
• Digital output current reading and digital output voltage reading on all models
• High quality lightning arrestors used for output connections
• Transient protection on input power circuit ensures long CCR life and equipment protection
• Open circuit, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection on all models
• Safety interlock disconnects output power when cabinet door is opened
• Quiet operation
• Stackable
• Enclosure size:
– 1kW-10kW: 24″W x 25.25″D x 40″H
– 15kW-30kW: 36″W x 30.25″D x 40″H

Ordering Codes

Type Output Rating Class Input Voltage Control Voltage Brightness Steps Options
FR828: L828
FR829: L829
1: 1kW
2: 2kW
4: 4kW
5: 5kW
7: 7.5 kW
10: 10kW
15: 15kW
20: 20kW
25: 25kW
30: 30kW
50: 50kW*
70: 70kW*
A: 6.6 Amp
B: 20 Amp
1: 208 VAC, 60Hz
2: 220 VAC, 60Hz
3: 240 VAC, 60Hz
4: 480 VAC, 60Hz
5: 220 VAC, 50Hz*
6: 230 VAC, 50Hz*
7: 240 VAC, 50Hz*
8: 380 VAC, 50Hz*
9: 400 VAC, 50Hz*
A: 24 VDC Internal
B: 24 VDC External
C: 48 VDC Internal
D: 48 VDC External
E: 120 VAC Internal
F: 120 VAC External
1: Single Step
3: 3-Step
5: 5-Step
1: S-1 Cutout installed
2: Insulation Resistance Monitor (Automatic Megger)
3: Input Power Monitoring (current, voltage, VA, power, power factor)
4: Output Power Monitoring (voltage, VA, power, power factor)
5: Integral Circuit Breaker
6: Single Ethernet/IP Interface
7: Dual Ethernet/IP Interface
8: Single Mod/TCP Ethernet Interface
9: Dual Mod/TCP Ethernet Interface
10: Single RS-485 & Single Ethernet/IP Interface
11: Dual RS-485 Interface
12: Castors
* Compliant to FAA Specification.

Additional Option Information

• Internal S-1 Cutout: An S-1 Cutout is installed directly in the enclosure of the CCR. Once the CCR is turned off, the S-1 Cutout handle may be removed and taken with servicing personnel to ensure safe work conditions.
• IRMS: The IRMS (Insulation Resistance Monitoring System) can be configured to run manually or daily. With this option, the CCR will provide a digital resistance measurement to the user on the front display. The resistance reading can be tracked by site staff to gain insight to field-circuit integrity and to anticipate required maintenance.
• Integrated Circuit Breaker: A circuit breaker is included inside the CCR that is actuated with a door-mounted handle. The door-mounted handle is capable of accepting a lock for lock-out-tag-out safety measures.

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