Elevated Runway Guard Light (RGL) | FAA Compliant: L-804

Compliance and Applications

FAA Compliant: L-804
FAA AC 150/5345-46
ICAO Annex 14

Our elevated Runway Guard Light (RGL) features dual alternating yellow light signals intended to warn a pilot or driver of a ground vehicle that they are about to enter a runway. These light fixtures may be powered from a series circuit or operated from a 120V or 240V 50 or 60 Hz source.


All Systems:
Operating Temperature-67°F (-55°C) to +131°F (+55°C)
Humidity0 to 100%
Frangibility1300 ft-Lb (1762 N-m) to 2100 ft-LB (2846 N-m)
Flash Rate45 to 50 Alternating Flashes per minute
Mounting Height24.5 to 32 inches
Stray Light ShieldIntegral to front panel
AlarmsDry contact, self-resetting
Monitored Alarms Lamps Out, Flasher Failure, Missed Flash

LensesHeat Resistant Tempered Glass
Lens ColorUS – Traffic Signal Yellow
CIE Color Coordinatesy not less than 0.411 nor less than 0.95 – x nor greater than 0.452.
Vertical Adjustment0 to ±20° with 1° Locking Provision
Horizontal Adjustment±20° with 5° Locking Provisions
Lamp100W PK30 Style 6.6A
ReflectorParabolic Polished Aluminum

Series Circuit Powered:
Input Power6.6A 50/60Hz (nominal 130W), 3 Step CCR recommended
Transformer Options6.6A – 6.6A 200W 50Hz or 60Hz, 20A – 6.6A 200W 50Hz or 60Hz

Voltage Powered:
Input PowerOption 1: Nom. 120VAC 60Hz 2.3 Amps max.
Option 2: Nom. 240VAC 60Hz 1.3 Amps max.
Option 3: Nom. 220VAC 50Hz 1.3 Amps max.
Line (Mains) Variation+10% to -10%
Intensity ControlPhotocell preset automatic for:
Day 100% intensity, (50 – 60 ft-cd ambient)
Night 30% intensity, (25 – 35 ft-cd ambient)

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