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• FAA AC150/5370-2F for construction and barricade installations
• ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, ‘Aerodrome Design and Operations’, paragraph


• Solar Barricade Light
• Solar Caution Light
• Solar Taxiway Light (ICAO)
• Solar Threshold Light
• Solar Obstruction Light


• Solar powered, self-contained
• Integrated solar/battery system
• Dual internal high-performance solar modules angled to maximize solar collection
• Fast and easy to deploy – no programming
• IP68 waterproof rating
• User-replaceable battery in sealed battery compartment
• Ultra-high intensity LEDs (no changing lamps ever)
• Tough UV-stabilized LEXAN® polycarbonate lens and light base
• Automatic night activation

The AV-OL-70 is a field proven, low maintenance, self-contained solar LED light that is suitable for a variety of applications including general hazard, caution, barricade and low-intensity obstruction lighting.

Manufactured using latest in LED technology, the popular AV-OL-70 model boasts user-adjustable intensity and flash code settings that can be easily modified on site as required. Once activated, the light is ready for immediate operation and requires no operator intervention after installation.

Utilizing the two built-in, high performance solar modules to the charge the battery during daylight hours and the internal photo diode to detect ambient light, the AV-OL-70 achieves true self-sufficient dusk-till-dawn operation in a small form factor environmentally sealed package that can be installed in minutes.

The versatile nature of the AV-OL-70 means it is also suitable for a range of taxiway applications.


The AV-OL-70-HI comes with a 16Ah battery and is a high intensity version of the popular AV-OL-70. It is ideal for use in high sunlight areas that receive a minimum of 3.5 hours of sun per day.

Optional ON/OFF Switch & External Charging Port

This model can also be fitted with an optional, external ON/OFF switch for manual operation and/or an optional charging port for charging the battery while stored for extended periods.

AV-SB-3 Solar Booster™

The AV-SB-3 Solar Booster™ can be connected to the AV-OL-70 light to provide additional solar collection for charging the battery. The Avlite Solar Booster™ can be used in areas of reduced sunlight to help ensure optimum battery charge.

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