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ALSF-I System | Honeywell (Spare Parts Only)

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ALSF-1 System

Model: GEA20-0107, Single Intensity with Lamp Monitoring
Category I Weather Conditions, 240/480 V ac

The Honeywell Approach Lighting System with Sequence Flashing Lights (ALSF-I) is a high intensity approach lighting system that provides a visual lighting path for landing the aircraft.

The ALSF-I system usually is a 3000-foot-long array of lights but can be longer or shorter depending on local terrain and requirements.

A typical ALSF-I system consist of the following light fixture components:
• 28 light bars each with 5 steady burning white PAR56 fixtures
• 2 light bars each with 8 steady burning white PAR56 fixtures
• 3 light bars each with 5 steady burning red PAR56 fixtures
• 2 light bars each with 3 steady burning red PAR56 fixtures
• 21 sequence flashing white PAR56 fixtures
• Threshold bar of 49 steady burning green PAR56 fixtures.

The ALSF-I system can be mounted on 2-inch EMT, up to a 6-feet mounting height or on frangible towers over 6 feet. The system includes lamp monitoring as a standard feature.

System control of the sequence flashing lights is accomplished through the master controller. The steady burning white and red PAR56 fixtures are controlled by separate circuits connected to constant current regulators located in the airport lighting vault. Both the sequence flashing and the steady burning light systems provide for either local or remote control.

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