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Airport / Heliport Nylon Windsock & Mast Assemblies

Compliance and Applications

• ICAO DOC 9157
• FAA AC 150/5345-45C
• FAA AC 150/5345-27D
• TP312 5TH ED

We have a complete line of windsock assemblies for aviation applications at airports and heliports. Windsocks and their support structures are made from high-grade materials and designed to provide reliable performance in even the most extreme environmental conditions. All equipment is designed to internationally recognized standards and thoroughly tested to ensure quality. Custom engineering and fabrication services are available. We also manufacture windsock assemblies for industrial applications.

Windsock Assembly

1. LED Obstruction Light (optional)
• Lamp: Single lamp LED (multiple source)
• Standard: ICAO, FAA (L-810) and Transport Canada
• Power Supply: 100-240 VAC or 12 VDC
• Wattage: 1.5W
• Color: Red

2. Fabric Windsock
• Size: 0.9m x 3.6m, 0.6m x 2.4m, and 0.45m x 2.4m
• Color: Orange, red/white (5 bands)
• Material: Polyurethane coated nylon weighing 135g/m²
• Grommets: 1/2″ brass, located at mouth for installation and underside for drainage
• Reinforcement: Double stitched; extra material on large diameter
• Fasteners: UV rated cable ties

3. Internal LED Lamp
• Qty: 2 for 100-240 VAC and 2.8-6.6 A; 1 for 12 VDC
• Total Wattage: 10W for 0.45m, 24W for 0.6m, 36W for 0.9m; 12 VDC uses 5W for 0.45m and 0.6m, 12W for 0.9m

4. Swivel
• Designs: Unlit, internally lit, and externally lit
• Material: Aluminum alloy parts, stainless steel hardware
• Rotation: 2 fully enclosed stainless steel bearings
• IP Code: IP65 rated
• Circuit: 6-circuit slipring, internal lamp and obstruction light independently wired, pre-wired
• Mount: 1-1/2″ NPT male

5. Condulet
• Material: Aluminum alloy parts, stainless steel hardware
• Wiring: Strain relief pre-installed
• Mount: 1-1/2″ NPT female top, 2″ NPT female bottom

6. Basket
• Size: 0.45m, 0.6m, and 0.9m diameter
• Material: Aluminum alloy parts, stainless steel hardware
• Color: Powder coated orange
• Shipping: Collapsible for low-cost shipping and easy assembly

7. Electrical (not shown)
• Power Supply: 100-240 VAC, 2.8-6.6 A, 12 VDC (Solar)
• Standard: CSA certification, upon request for 100-240 VAC
• Safety: External manual disconnect switch
• Junction Box: Weatherproof PVC (100-240 VAC), vented aluminum (2.8-6.6 A and 12 VDC), all pre-wired
• Wiring: 6m SJOOW cable, pre-wired

Solar Power Kits

Solar Power Kits

We offer a Solar Engine Power Supply (SEPS) to go with our 12 VDC Windsock Assembly. The SEPS comes in two sizes – 80W and 160W – which is rated for 10+ days of autonomy in most locations. Although standardized, customers should always confirm installation location with Flight Light to ensure the SEPS is properly rated.

Solar Power Kits ordering


• Battery: -40°C to +50°C, deep cycle, exterior grade, non-spillable, international freight friendly (A67)
• Solar Panel: Available in 80W or 160W, fully adjustable between 0° and 90°
• Mount: Two frangible AL pipes on AL flange bases, separately mounted from pole / mast
• Control: Fully potted 10A charge control w/ dusk to dawn lighting control
• Autonomy: 10+ days at 25°C
• Cabinet: Powder coated orange, aluminum, vented

Windsock Assembly Ordering Information

Power Supply Diameter (m) Windsock Assembly Standard Fabric Part No Obstruction light[1] Photocell CSA Cert.
Part No Watts Lamps ICAO FAA TC Orange Red/White Part No Watts Part No
Unlit 0.45 WSCK-18UN Size 1, Style II Size 2 FABR-1808-ORNG FABR-1808-RDWH
0.60 WSCK-24UN Heliport Heliport FABR-2408-RDWH
0.90 WSCK-36UN Airport Size 2, Style II Size 1 FABR-3612-ORNG FABR-3612-RDWH
100-240 VAC 0.45 WSCK-18VL 10 2 Size 1, Style I-B Size 2 FABR-1808-ORNG FABR-1808-RDWH SOL2-A 1.5 PHTO-CELL-012D CERT-CSA
0.60 WSCK-24VL 24 2 Heliport Heliport FABR-2408-RDWH SOL2-A 1.5 PHTO-CELL-012D CERT-CSA
0.90 WSCK-36VL 36 2 Airport Size 2, Style I-B Size 1 FABR-3612-ORNG FABR-3612-RDWH SOL2-A 1.5 PHTO-CELL-012D CERT-CSA
2.8-6.6 A 0.45 WSCK-18CL 10 2 Size 1, Style I-B Size 2 FABR-1808-ORNG FABR-1808-RDWH SOL2-C 1.5
0.60 WSCK-24CL 24 2 Heliport Heliport FABR-2408-RDWH SOL2-C 1.5
0.90 WSCK-36CL 36 2 Airport Size 2, Style I-B Size 1 FABR-3612-ORNG FABR-3612-RDWH SOL2-C 1.5
12 VDC 0.45 WSCK-18SL 5 1 Size 1, Style I-B Size 2 FABR-1808-ORNG FABR-1808-RDWH SOL2-D 1.5 PHTO-CELL-012D
0.60 WSCK-24SL 5 1 Heliport Heliport FABR-2408-RDWH SOL2-D 1.5 PHTO-CELL-012D
0.90 WSCK-36SL 12 1 Airport Size 2, Style I-B Size 1 FABR-3612-ORNG FABR-3612-RDWH SOL2-D 1.5 PHTO-CELL-012D
[1] Obstruction Light is only required by FAA standards. This standard requires that the Obstruction Light is powered by a different supply than the Windsock Assembly so that if the Windsock has its power supply interrupted, the Obstruction Light remains on. Consequently, all Obstruction Lights are designed for a 100-240 VAC power supply input regardless of how the Windsock Assembly is.

Pole / Mast Assembly Ordering Information

Design Height Servicing Options
Fixed Base Tilt Base Center Hinge Winch[4] Fuse Bolts Tilt stand[5] Orange/White Powder coating[6]
AL Pole 2.25m 225W-APTB FB34 TILT-STND-AS03 PCOW-225W-AP
AL Pole – Wall Mount 2.25m 225W-APWM TILT-STND-AS03 PCOW-225W-AP
AL Pole – Portable Tripod 2.25m 225W-APPT PCOW-225W-AP
4.50m 450W-APPT PCOW-450W-AP
Frangible AL Mast 2.25m 225W-FAFB 225W-FATB TILT-STND-AS01 PCOW-225W-FA
[4] Winches are required for 450W-APCH and 450W-FACH, optional for 450W-APWM. All Winches are removable so only one is required per site although one per pole/mast may be desired.
[5] When poles/masts are lowered for servicing either by Tilt Base or Center Hinge, an optional Tilt Stand can be purchased to provide support while maintenance is performed.
[6] All poles/masts are powder coated Orange as a standard. Orange/White banding is available but may carry additional costs and lengthen lead times.

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