Airfield Lightning Arrestor


Complies with AC of 150/5345-10F, Section 3.4.12 (Lightning/Surge Arrestors) Current Edition


The Airfield Lightning Arrestor (ALA) can be deployed at various locations in the 5kV primary series circuit to help reduce the susceptibility of airfield circuits to lightning strikes or surges.


• Compatible with all types of L-828/L-829 CCRs, incandescent and LED light fixtures and isolation transformers operating on 6.6A or 20A series circuits.
• Designed for operation at 5000V, the ALA is suitable for any airfield series circuit up to 30KW at 6.6A, and up to 70KW at 20A.
• Rated IP68 (NEMA 6P), suitable for installation in below ground base cans, handholes and manholes, or by direct burial.
• Connection to the primary circuit uses an L-823 male/female “T” connector(s) to ensure the primary circuit remains intact upon a failure of the ALA.
• A 3/8″-16 stainless steel stud provides solid ground connection for #6 AWG or larger ground wire.
• Compatible with Insulation Resistance Monitoring Systems (IRMS) and 500V to 5KV meggers.
• The ALA can be tested using a 5KV megger. Resistance from Line to Ground terminals should be greater than 2G ohm.

Recommended Use

The ALA is designed to be installed in the 5KV primary series circuit. In order to offer the optimal circuit protection from possible lightning strikes or power surges, it is suggested the ALA should be installed at the beginning of the circuit closest to the Constant Current Regulator (CCR). Additional ALAs should be added onto the circuit at intervals of 2,000 feet (600m). ALAs can be installed at closer intervals should the circuit be in an area that is highly susceptible to lightning strikes. Each ALA adds additional local protection against damage from lightning strikes reducing the risk of widespread damage in the field and to equipment in the electrical vault.

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