ZA280 Inset Medium Intensity Taxiway Centerline Light | FAA Compliant: L-852A, B, C and D

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Compliance and Applications

FAA Compliant: L-852A, B, C and D
AC 150/5345-46D
NATO Stanag 3316
ICAO Annex 14

Category I, II and III all weather operation airfield lighting systems. Suitable for use as high intensity inset taxiway centerline and stop-bar lights.

Ordering Codes

80-ZA280AW: White
B: Blue
G: Green
R: Red
Y: Yellow
X: Blank
48: 48W, 6.6A
50: 50W, 120V
52: 50W, 240V
Anodized finish fixtures (7.25" B.C.): Order with 30-AA122820 adapter ring if mounting on L868B base, sold separately. Golden yellow finish fixtures (7" B.C.): Order with 80-009090 adapter ring if mounting on L868B base, sold separately (golden yellow fixtures restricted to existing customers and replacements).

Why Our ZA280 is Better

• Body of high tensile cast aluminum for strength and durability.
• Prism removal and replacement achieved without need for adhesives or sealants.
• Pre-focused optics.
• Simple maintenance.
• Plug for pressure testing after assembly.
• Installation and maintenance manual AVD 106.


• Low profile: .4 in. (10mm) projection.
• Stress bearing: 11 tons dynamic load and 22 tons static load.
• Long life halogen lamps: 1500 hours at full intensity. Dichroic reflector with male leads.
• Color variations achieved by using color specific filters.
• Standard adaptor rings to suit 12" L868B base and 15.5" bases.
• Functions with 6.6a, 45w, or 100w isolating transformer.
• Corrosion resistant anodized finish or powder coated golden yellow finish. Stainless steel fasteners.
• Anodized finish fixtures: 7.25" B.C.
• Golden yellow finish fixtures: 7" B.C. (restricted to existing customers and replacements)
• Net weight 6.6 lb (3kg). Gross weight 7.7 lb (3.5kg). Carton size 9 in. x 9 in. x 5.7 in. (230mm x 230mm x 146mm)
• FAA Compliant L852A, B, C, & D using only one 48W lamp.

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