ZA216L LED Taxiway Edge Light | FAA Compliant: L-861T

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Compliance and Applications

FAA Compliant: L-861T
ICAO: Annex 14, clause 5.3.17
CAA: CAP168 Table 6A/1 item 8
BSI: BS3224 Part 4, elevated fittings

Medium intensity constant current elevated taxiway edge lights mark the outlines of taxiways in blue.

The fixture consists of a blue prism and blue LED mounted on a yellow powder coated cast aluminum lamp housing. The upper assembly mounts on a 1" EMT extension into the 1.5" die-cast aluminum breakable coupling. Standard height is 14". Other heights are available. This taxiway light's appearance is familiar to pilots and ground personnel, thereby eliminating confusion caused by competing designs.

The fixture may be mounted on a 30" stake assembly, or baseplate and L-867 light base which are available separately.

The 6.6A light includes an L-823 plug assembly for connection to an L-830 isolation transformer. The ZA216L and ZL836 Power Converter require a 30/45w transformer. However, if the passive system is used (a direct AGL system), then a 10 watt 6.6/0.4 Amp transformer can be used straight into the ZA216L.


• Lightweight and robust due to its predominantly aluminum alloy construction which also gives good corrosion resistance.
• Smooth outer glass surface resists build up of dirt.
• Screw thread glass prism attachment.
• LED life expectancy 80,000 hours.
• A power convertor is supplied in the secondary cable between the isolating transformer and fixture.


TYPE: Blue, omnidirectional elevated light. The omnidirectional, low intensity elevated, taxiway edge light shall comply with the requirements of ICAO Annex 14, CAP168, FAA L861T, BS3224 Part 4 and STANAG 3316. The body shall have a corrosion resistant, aluminum alloy casting, finished in golden yellow paint, and carrying an LED cluster. The outer dome of low expansion blue or clear glass shall have a smooth outer surface for easy cleaning. A synthetic rubber O-ring shall seal the outer glass domes/body assembly against ingress of liquids.

Compliance as a taxiway edge light shall be achieved with a 3 or 7 lamp LED cluster.

Our L-861T-ZA216, with the ZL836 power convertor, will provide light service from an input current of 2.6 amps to 6.6 amps, and thus is suitable for operation from either a 3 or 5 step regulator operating in the current range described.

The LEDs will have a nominal life of 80,000 hours. The fixture shall resist all heat and jet blast forces expected from modern, wide-bodied aircraft. The fixture shall be provided with an FAA style frangible coupling. No special sighting device other than a spirit level shall be required for the alignment of the fitting. A handbook shall be provided giving full installation, operation, and maintenance instructions, together with a detailed parts list.

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