Vinyl Laminated Nylon Runway Closure Markers

Compliance and Applications

FAA Compliant: AC 150/5340-1L

Our closure markers are made of durable vinyl laminated nylon and provide airports with a reliable and economical method for closing runways and taxiways to aircraft use. A special process is used that weaves high tenacity polyethylene tapes into fabric, then laminates the material on both sides. The solid yellow color provides superior visibility for a clear indication of closures.


• Poly tarps are heavy duty (1,000 denier), weather resistant and tear resistant.
• Tarps feature heat-sealed seams, grommets, and reinforced edging with strong poly rope inside hem on all sides.
• UV stabilizers on both tapes and lamination ensure longer life of tarp.

Ordering Codes

Part Number Description
Y10X60 10′ x 60′ Runway Closure Marker Tarp
Y5X30 5′ x 30′ Taxiway Closure Marker Tarp
* Note: Order two tarps to complete an “X” pattern.

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