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FAA Compliant: L-853


Honeywell Retroreflective Taxiway Markers can be used to either augment the effects of taxiway edge lights, or serve as the sole means of outlining the taxiway areas. When used to supplement edge lights, the markers can be used to help identify curves and other areas. Taxiway markers should only be used as a sole means of outlining taxiways for low activity, general aviation airports that do not get enough traffic to warrant the expense of operating a taxiway circuit.


• Pop-out coupling eliminates collision damage – If struck by any object, marker releases from the anchor, using patented pop-out coupling. Nothing to break; Simply insert marker back into the coupling with no damage done to either the vehicle or the marker.
• Brilliantly reflects light from aircraft or other vehicles.
• The reflective surface is available in blue, red, silver, yellow, or a combination of reflective colors.
• No tools needed – hand-screw pop-out coupling into anchor.
• Easy installation – drive steel anchor in flush with surface.

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