Precision Approach Path Indicator Lighting (PAPI) | FAA L-880 & L-881

Made in the USA flag


Certified FAA L-880 & L-881
AC 150/5345-28 (Current Edition)


• Provides the correct glide slope from over 10 miles away.
• Reliable photometric performance.
• Stable housing results in fewer shut-downs for realignment, reducing maintenance and increasing airfield utilization.
• LED indicator identifies tilt switch circuit fault.
• Quartz halogen average rated lamp life is 1000 hours.
• No optical bench or special tools required for servicing.
• Intuitive design of aiming device simplifies setting elevation and azimuth angles.
• Interlock feature allows PAPI operation only in conjunction with runway lights (optional).
• Service indicator provides external signal of lamp out (optional).

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