PAR56 Elevated Approach Lights | Type: 982H | Honeywell

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PAR56 Elevated Approach Lights

Type: 982H


Honeywell Elevated Approach Lights are designed for use for all FAA Approach Lighting Systems. The Par 56 Light is commonly used in High Intensity Approach Lighting Systems (ALSF, SSALR) as well as on the Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System Threshold (MALSR Threshold). The light can be mounted in many different ways, including frangible couplings, EMT, or LIR Crossbars.


• Fixtures can mount on a frangible coupling or approach masts, depending on the application.
• Lamps are available in constant current and constant voltage inputs in many different wattages.
• No tools required to re-lamp
• 2-piece casting; minimal parts.

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