Non-Monitored Guard Light System | FAA Compliant: L852G

Compliance and Applications

FAA Compliant: L852G
(AC 150/5345-46B, AC 150/5340-28,
AC 120-57A)

Guard lights are alternating yellow in-pavement lights that provide traffic control on taxiways intersecting an active runway.

With our Non-Monitored Guard Light System, a guard light can be flashed according to FAA specifications on existing circuits without the need for a new control system, above ground cabinets, or any remote communications. When the circuit is energized, the guard lights start even/odd alternate flashing.

Why Our System is Better

• Power connectors on the TSU and SmartSwitch are L-823 plugs and sockets.
• Control cables are supplied either with bare ends, allowing crimped connections and heat shrink to be used, or with optional L-823 connectors, for use with extension cables.
• Simple installation.
• Reliable operation.
• Proven technology.

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