L-864 / L-865 Medium Intensity Dual Xenon Obstruction Lighting System | FTB 324

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Compliance and Applications

The FTB 324 is an L-864/L-865 system that includes a white xenon flashing light for day, a red xenon flashing light for night and 3 LED markers for structures between 200′ and 700′ AGL (FAA tower type E1-E2).

Standard Features

• Automatic fail safe to day mode and notification if system has not changed states in 19 hours.
• 4 dry contact data points.
• Fresnel optics minimizes light scatter.
• 12 LED indicators to convey operating status.
• 2 year parts warranty on all xenon system components including tubes.
• 5 year warranty on LED markers.
• L-810 marker kit design eliminates conduit.
• NEMA 4X outdoor rated stainless steel enclosure.
• Accommodates 120 or 240 VAC (50 or 60 Hz).

Optional Features

• Advanced Relay Monitoring (ARM™) – 8 dry contact points with an Eagle port.
• Infrared Lighting – NVG and NVIS compatibility using 850nm infrared (IR) LED markers.
• GPS Synchronization – by adding the FTW 170.

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