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L-864 / L-810 Medium Intensity Red LED Aviation Obstruction Lighting Systems | FTS 371 Vanguard® (DC only)

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• FAA types L-864 and L-810 under AC 150/5345-43J
• Accommodates FAA AC 70/7460-1K, 1L and 1M marker requirements (steady, flashing and IR)
• Transport Canada CAR 621.19 type CL-864
• ICAO Annex 14 (7th edition) medium intensity types B and C
• DGAC Mexico type L-864


The Vanguard Red FTS 371 is a low-power FAA L-810/L-864 red obstruction lighting system for FAA type A0/A1 structures. It meets changing FAA regulations (AC 150/5345-43J) for flashing markers.

With LED replacing incandescent lighting and marker power consumption decreasing by as much as 98%, a new approach for accurate monitoring is required. The FTS 371 uses a patent-pending current feedback monitoring technology that will not fluctuate with changes in incoming power and temperature, providing consistent and predictable results.


• Flash rate of 20, 30, 40 or 60 flashes per minute (200 ms flash duration)*
• Red and infrared (IR) LEDs for compliance with FAA AC150/5345-43J and low power consumption
• Mode override switch
• Photodiode control with alarm inhibit option
• 1 dry contact relay (primary alarm)
• Support for up to 4 markers and 1 beacon
• 5-year warranty

* Only 30 fpm flash rate is applicable for FAA certified applications filed under AC 70/7460-1M.

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