L-849 (L) Runway End Identification Light | LED REIL – SAL 1030

Made in the USA flag


Certified to FAA AC 150/5345-51 (Current Edition)
FAA Engineering Brief No. 67 (Current Edition)


• Long LED life expectancy
• Low power draw – entire system draws less than 40W
• Nominal intensity – 22,000 effective candelas
• Beam coverage – 10° vertically, 30° horizontally
• Flash rate: two flashes per second
• Separation: Control unit can be mounted in excess of 500 feet from flash head
• Remote control: Four-position selector switch or Series Lighting Circuit current sensing
• Meets photometric beam requirements for MALSR, SSALR, and ALSF-I/II
• Voltage-powered
– 120 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
– 230 VAC, 50Hz
– 240 VAC, 50Hz or 60 Hz
• Current-powered
– 2.8 to 6.6 amperes
– No power adapter required
– True RMS current sensing
– Operates from (2) L830-4s

Ordering Codes

Product CodeTypeStylesOptions
SAL1030V1: 120VAC
V2: 240V, 60Hz
V3: 230V, 50 Hz
I: 6.6A
A: Uni-directional, high intensity, one brightness step
C: Uni-directional, low intensity, one brightness step
E: Uni-directional, three brightness steps
2: Current sense module (voltage units only)
4: Flash monitoring

Photometrics Data

ModelStyleTypeFPMEffective Intensity
SAL 1030AL-849V, I120High: 15,000Medium: –Low: –
SAL 1030CL-849V, I120High: –Medium: –Low: 700
SAL 1030EL-849V, I120High: 15,000Medium: 1,500Low: 300

Standard Options Available

• 50 or 60 Hz
• Flash monitoring
• Elapsed time meter
• Error code LED display


• REILS: Runway End Identifier Light System
• MALSR: Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with runway alignment indicator lights
• ALSF-I: Approach Lighting System with sequenced flashing lights (Cat. 1 runways)
• ALSF-II: Approach Lighting System with sequenced flashing lights (Cat. 2 runways)
• SSALR: Simplified Short Approach Lighting System with runway alignment indicator lights

Physical Specifications

Head & Power Supply: 24.75″H x 14.25″W x 5.58″D
Weight (Head & Power Supply): 32 lb.
Master Control Unit: 6.5″H x 13.5″W x 12″D
Weight (MCU): 10.5 lb.
System Ship Weight: 74.5 lb.

Spare Components

Part NumberDescription
344-30105Printed Circuit Board, LSM
255-20086Printed Circuit Board, CSM
344-30520Flash Head
44-00174Diode Bridge
44-00177Gas Discharge Tube
44-0017524 Vdc Power Supply
44-0017650 Vdc Power Supply
55-00201Interlock Switch

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